Women empowerment is the theory of political, economic and social equality amongst both the sexes.

Since times immemorial, women have never been credited to what they were. Being myself a historical fiction author, I have felt women have always been kept outside history. They are either known only for their spellbinding beauty or are only restricted to court harems. Apart from JHANSI KI RANI, we seldom have any knowledgeable content about women. The folklore too never glorifies their power and strength!!

Women too like Men have always been a source of change in history. We should respect and honor women stepping up to plate who stand by their family.

Over the past decades, one saw substantial and wonderful instances of growing women empowerment – women making their mark in every area.

The male chauvinism, they are destroying!!

Working with quiet assurance and confidence women have exploded stereotypes about the domestic homebound women, which once used to set aside all aspirations in the ‘ SEVA’ for her family.

Within a few years, one saw women breaking the idea that was once held as standard and entering the Male Arena.

The Male Hippodrome is broken.

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT is not all about education and standing for your own financial independence.

I need to salute our very own

1) LOCAL MAID, who earns and survives her family

2) Our very own BEAUTY SALOON LADY

3) Our very own TUPPERWARE woman

4) or the TALKATIVE MASSEUSE relaxing us.


All of them in big or small ways have and are contributing to empowerment.

Women are all waiting to reborn in– the outside world they know exists but is difficult.


It’s not at all necessary to have education or degrees to support this cause.  Women Empowerment is not a Myth anymore a Reality and for this, I urge the Men to come out of their old folklore and bravery and give equal recognition to women as their counterpart. Together only we can chase the dreams of women empowerment.

Our society has been fashioned in a way where MARRIAGE is a great institution.  Females are educated, even in niche classes, only to get married to rich men and live a happily ever blissful life and that’s kind of saddening and curse.

To gain identity and to empower yourself first fight begins with your family. We need more and more of fathers, brothers, husbands, friends to support the cause of empowerment.

But equally a standing ovation to menfolk who have accepted female as their BOSSES, WIFE as their financial advisor not only as a birth-giving machine.

Yes, to make it clear I am not a ‘feminazi’ and I don’t advocate it.A woman should first finish her baggage of responsibilities then ask for rights.

It’s not the vice versa.

An independent woman has though emerged a Fighter but

TABOOS  do exist,




But still, hail ‘Womaniya’,


Women empowerment is now not a term, its flying colors can be seen, the world is yet unfolding to witness the real women breaking into the male age-old created castle of financial empowerment.

And behind the glory and guts of a women lies her Never give up attitude.

Certainly, Womaniya will hail and more power to her wings.

(c)- Author AshiKalim


Ashi Kalim
Ashi Kalim

ASHI KALIM is a National Book Honour Awarded Author, An international poetess and a content writer at www.allaboutlives. com, eyogguroo, sparking.biz, writes for Times of India (Jaipuria Management) Supplementary. She stands amongst TOP TRENDING AUTHORS Of 2018- DÉ MODÉ. Her poems find space on an international level. Her poetry “I DO BLEED” has been published internationally! She keeps writing for world peace, the need of the hour. She has given her powerful words to the cause of Refugees, Racism and Syrian kids in an international anthology titled “ REFUGEES, RACISM- RESISTANCE & HUMANITARIAN VOICES “VOL I published in U.K. She has worked in DEFENSE ACADEMY. She is an orator and an activist too. She speaks her mind through her pen and participates in various social causes.


Aparna Posted on2:40 am - Mar 15, 2018

Nicely writren , quoted examples from history and daily life.

Sulekha Chandra
Sulekha Chandra Posted on7:06 pm - Mar 23, 2018

Dear Ashi, I liked the use of personal quote
“I need to salute our very own

1) LOCAL MAID, who earns and survives her family

2) Our very own BEAUTY SALOON LADY

3) Our very own TUPPERWARE woman

4) or the TALKATIVE MASSEUSE relaxing us.”

Your words come directly from heart.

Use of “feminazi” and “Womaniya” make it your own. Awesome piece written.

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