WOMEN Empowerment -How r we Going to achieve it??That is what matters ..

WOMEN Empowerment -How r we Going to achieve it??That is what matters ..

‘Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world”

Do u remember these words ?? Did she have money , did she have people , did she have the support , did she have the aim of what was available and around??NO NO NO... she had only one thing in mind and that was the VISIONThe Dream .. the destination To spread Education to each girl child ? in the universe!THATS it!

Now that’ s what I call empowerment .. Instilling the same hope in others .. Rising a wave of power including the storm in your mind which is going to tell u…. this is what u want to achieve .. that’s the power every women has in her , every girl builds in her mind ever since she is risen , then what are we as individuals doing saying empowerment ???.. what do we want to do reaching out to folks ?? By talks and power points what do one achieve ??

Well by touching people… a life  …and making them aware on their inner fire ?.. their one thrust out of their comfort zone .. the one step that each women could take looking at me today and starting her own initiative makes me feel empowered ! It’s only when a women standing right in front of me says “ Because of u madam I feel good , I feel soughted in life , I feel I can write and show the strength of the pen , I feel I can fulfill my childhood dream , I could live my passion ,I could relive my relationships THAts what makes me feel truely Empowered !!
Like a true warrior in battlefield ready to get one flag rolling which says “U WIN ! “Which makes all soldiers happy that they could reach back to their families or the border army man who feels “ Wow we have sent back the enemy again “ .. that’s empowerment and it’s feeling .. truely blessed N blissful


Malala Yousafzai is an inspiration to not just students and women all around the world, but to humanity in general. She rose to international prominence in 2012, when she was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman for her criticism of the Taliban and advocacy of girls’ education. But a shot to the head was not enough to stop her, and she continues to fight on for women’s education all around the world.
Education without discrimination is one powerful message she wishes to spread through VOICES of every girl ..every women … which is ultimately important .. Speak out ! Step up first before u can wait for others ! YOU BE The one to take charge first .. GO out and start a positive revolution of the CHANGE ! Any change that You see .. any change that u want .. and any change that you inspire to Be !
BE THE CHange you wish to Be !!Those who have power Get up Rise and Speak for all who have forgotten their rights ..

Malala has consistently and willingly put herself at risk in order to defend equal access to defend equal access to education,gender equality and overall world peace !




Regardless of those who criticize her, Malala is an unstoppable force when it comes to her activism and unrivaled fearlessness in the face of terrorism and violence. She will undoubtedly continue to use her voice and education to advocate for women and girls around the world — a philosophy of selflessness that all women with prominent voices should adopt.
As I read Through this I feel the same goose bumps the same spirit I few for the women in India .. why don’t they stand up for their rights ? Why don’t they want to step and do unique things for them selves , why can’t they be financially independent , why don’t they get control on their personal and professional relationships and businesses ! Come on you young gals and wonderful women Realise the power in U today and know the capabilities which lie in each one of u which is waiting to be realised and out broken TO DISCOVER a new sun in each of ur lives …

What better day ..than a day u rise up and think of looking at the mirror and saying Hi Beautiful !Gud morning .. one more day to wonderful giving to the world , or giving a smile to al beauty out of ur window and appreciating all around u or being thankful for being a soul contributor to everyone’s life or patting yourself at the back and contemplating all u could achieve till yesterday ! A women is the most powerful thing god has created in many forms as we know Mother ,daughter ,entrepreneur wife and many different roles she plays ! She’s a person whose always ready to give herself to the very last tee and sometimes doesn’t expect anythin but a ear to listen to all she has to say in her own world and happenings around her …But does she get a ear ? to listen to her .. Listening is an art !! Many yet need to conquer but the already empowered women fails to realise that as much as we love to talk we should yet yield and listen to taking a step in our life to betterment of ourself which also involves keeping OURSELF Happy ? which is INDEED the GREATEST gift to oneself ! And society
Women a most powerful impotent created also sometimes closes down to most unrelevant thing in any household or any situation because of her inability to be heard and play the role ! We at Our women intiative  believe in making today s women unleash her inner power her inner strength to Be the Women of Substance in her life and others ..Raina Tandon believes Each women is already Empowered she just need to tap the right potential the strengths in her .. Improve her set belief system in herself and STOP thinking on what others think of her but work on how she could develop solutions to her existing state n make progressive steps in her life Coregyan ‘s Women empowerment Program helps The women of today -all women from households to working- non working , from a young parent to a senior citizen whose fumbling to strike a Balance associated with many areas such as Parenting ,Health and wellness, Money management and Relationships the ability in women to take decisions with regard to their life and work and giving equal rights to them in all spheres like: personal, social, economic, political, legal and so on. We provide sweet solutions to simple situations where women need to be empowered or educated with through training and consultation making their life more wonderful ! Women need to be supported appreciated and welcomed in all spheres is what we all do but when they have already been given a title and tag of a multitasker and juggle between all spaces but The step is what Raina believes it’s not about the bigger story it’s about the little steps and the FIRST step which needs to be taken by many who yield to the difficulties they face and stop at their path ! It’s important to understand and create that difference in the world !
I would like throw light on the Empowering women in India n her identity as Women –AComplete Circle!!
She is the symbol of Shakti And the strength of Durga n is capability to fight with whatever comes in her way. Over the years the essence of women Power n it’s celebration has evolved and has taken up an all together novel form. A woman in herself is a full circle and complete within herself she has inside her the potency to fight for whatever is right! Her strength, I would like to illustrate her statement with an anecdote.
we women are the baby eagles born to an eagle’s family not knowing that we possess the same strength as that of the eagle’s family.

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” — Malala Yousafzai, I Am Malala

Whatever I am Today is the result of my thoughts, of my past. Whatever action I am taking on is the basis of My Thoughts, will Decide my future. Napoleon Hill said it very Rightly, “Thought Become Things”
Stop believing women, Start living; Living your life on your terms, it’s high time!!
Go ahead ! Power and beyond to reach out to each 1 present here today !!!


Raina Khatri Tandon
Raina Tandon

Raina Khatri Tandon an International performer, Happiness Coach and Passionate speaker on Women Beliefs and their Inner strengths ! She’s associated as a partner with a Training company called COREGYAN and SuomiIntia( Finland) ,Delloite (India),Illumination Zumba ( Global) and Shiksha Foundation For Girl education! Her Smile and positive approach to Life always Makes people feel she’s a great ENERGY Shifter and Connector for a PURPOSE in their Life! Raina believes “YOU are the Leader of Your Life, Take Charge and that’s the ingredient for Happiness “.

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sulekha chandra Posted on8:13 pm - Mar 24, 2018

Dear Raina,  you have the capability of talking through your written words.  I like the use of your own name to emphasise what you believe in.  You believe in exemplifying yourself in order to lead and earn reverence.  The article has excellent graphics rightly spaced and inspiration from Malala Yusufzai is simply rewarding for the reader. 

The highlights:

Education without discrimination is one powerful message she wishes to spread through VOICES of every girl .

Well by touching people… a life  …and making them aware on their inner fire ?..

Raina Tandon believes Each women is already Empowered she just need to tap the right potential the strengths in her ..

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