Life is full of Twist & Turns

Life is full of Twist & Turns


Life isn’t what I see from my mom’s eyes
Also not the one shown by dad
All because they showed only the best to my eyes

The world full of sorrow was left aside
Rather shown was Barbie movies which always enlight
Words of anger, what are these ..never got
Love, care & affection was only taught
Never had any intro with pain & sorrow
Instead, learnt to make the best of present & tomorrow
The little bird started growing in her own world of fairy tales
Unaware of the fact that she also has to face the life rails

Years & Years passed,

The bird grew a little fast

Then came the day
The bird was set free
Thought she’ll sit on the happiest tree
But then showed the true colors of life
Leave the happiness,there wasn’t a sign of a single tree
Then the bird realized
Life is not what she fantasized
That night,
All her energy drained
But then came a light in darkness
Which opened her brain
That light was her parents
Who guided her in every boon or bane
Bird slept sound.
Then came the morning,
The bird again took a flight to conquer all her pain

But this time with a thought that she’ll loose as well as gain
Because life is full of twist&turns which one must explain
By Deena Kumar


Shrabanti Ray
Shrabanti Ray Posted on6:58 am - Apr 27, 2018

Deena…….life meanders and charts it’s own course. We have our steering wheels to turn in the best possible direction.
Stop at a meaningful platform and continue with our journey.
Inspiring poem

Meenakshi Raina Posted on11:55 am - Apr 27, 2018

Excellent flow of words depicting the real picture of a struggling person.

Beautifully articulated and summarized the lyrics.

Awesome poem @ Mr. Deena Kumar….Keep writing …keep inspiring

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