Cross that bridge

Cross that bridge

Cross that bridge, with heavy steps
The feet may hurt but you must be best
The angry currents below threaten to rise
The moment has come for skies to cry
The skies will cry but you must stride

Bury the pain, the anguish within
They may burst,

the walls of the abyss may thin
Keep it locked and break the shackles
The angst and the grief grapple in the battle

The despair and turmoil will subside
With love and time, the aching visions shall step aside
Wait till it’s time and the Sunshine pours in
From the tiny crack from which the sinister night peeps in

Rise then and take tiny steps
Tread on the green grass with baby’s breath
Right there, around that corner,

Over that steep ridge,
slowly, ever so gently,

Tread on to that bridge

Cross it thou you have to cross many miles
Cross it while you have hands to hold and eyes that smile
Cross that bridge as it has to be crossed
The moment is now, life is too short.

Bharti Girdhar


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