Unexplored Parts of Being YOU

Unexplored Parts of Being YOU

Unexplored Parts of Being YOU

Haha !! Wish I could sing loud enough that my ear drums fail to listen to anything else other than the flames of desire that burn inside. When all you could do is laugh at some situations and be happy that few experiences were worth having and worth the ride. Has it ever happened that you see yourself living life as if you are here right now, and then not there the next moment. Sometimes the presence of the body does no longer appears.  We feel perplexed by the way we appear in human form, body, mind, heart and soul. All seems to be dancing to an unknown music.Then there is a trans mode where you forget who you are. And then get astonished on seeing a different version of you. I know it seems pretty crazy while reading this. Having had this experience is a bliss. I am fortunate to having been exposed to some higher self while stepping out of my comfort zone. Most of you would relate to it if you ever got to sit for a long time in meditation.

I am aghast by the vastness of human mind; at times it is the most dreaded one and then it tunes to its own symphony. The edge is so clear and when I see in the wide open sky with my hands folded at back, laughing at my stupidity, mess, hassles and a life that I always want to create with a will to make it the most beautiful life ever. I fail most times. What it brings forth is, enormous pressure and a plethora of emotions which do not do any good. It starts to grow as a weed in the mind which we all start to water. And then brood over when it starts to take the shape of something big that it takes us on the road of guilt and repent.

The historic rise of mankind sees a world that is invisible to others. There is a little high end madness that keeps pushing us through the times we fear we would fall. And the  most funny part is we do fall, the more we fear; we fall badly to make the ends meet. When it comes to standing again at your feet ensuring you don’t trip off; you certainly carry a little baggage of what happened when you had fallen down. You think you are being mocked from inside by some unrecognizable voice and that keeps you blazed as to how could you again get trapped in something you were trying to pull out from. If you aren’t able to resonate with this one; just think about how badly you wished something will happen and it didn’t turn out an inch of it. Well, we all are like that and we become clueless as to why we are failing.When all that is happening, rather than being just the way it is and tuning to a favorite song or sharing with a closed one, we repeat the falling down hundred million times and then consider ourselves as someone less.

What do we do now? I do not know the answer yet. Its tougher yet you have to go on trying now differently of what you were doing earlier. There is something that you had given up to be here and something wonderful is lying out there unexplored yet just right there for you.

Summi Arora
Summi Arora

Summi Arora is Social Entrepreneur by profession living in Pune. Writing poetry is something that comes to her naturally. She loves to empower people and contribute to this world through her expression of writing.


Meenakshi Raina Posted on3:28 am - Apr 20, 2018

The indepth of words and thoughts are highly elevated and can be understood by the one who had experienced the life in the way writer wants to perceive.

Superb piece… Keep penning. ?????????

Aparna Posted on3:30 am - Apr 20, 2018

The journey inward propels the journey outward.

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