Corruption a byproduct of Aspiration

Corruption a byproduct of Aspiration

Before I get into the discussion of talking about corruption, let me talk about this great animation movie I watched, called “Zootopia”. This was a beautiful movie set in an urban setting where all animals’ herbivores and carnivores live together.

Just like different races which exists in a normal city. However, the whole movie revolves around a sinister plan of herbivore to brandish the carnivore as danger to other peaceful vegetarian animals and somehow to take control of the city, which had The Lion as its mayor. However, the plan is foiled and peace returns to the city.

Well! Sounds a great movie! But a word that stands out over here is, “Aspiration”.

I am not going to get into the discussion of corruption at the political level, because it will be naïve to say so. As politicians are any way a reflection of the society which chooses them. So, when we are pointing fingers at the politicians in turn we are pointing 4 towards us!!  As we are the ones who are responsible collectively for choosing such leaders and they are the true reflection of society which they represent.

In fact I remember 2014 general elections, where a topic of discussion was, “Why one party got a thumping majority and the other lost?”, and most of the analysts, including our prime minister, had a beautiful line to say, ” The opposition could not feel the pulse of the society at large. They forgot that India has become “Aspirational”.”

I see it every day where the parents “aspire” to see their kids becoming successful. They coax, force and compel their kids to take routes which their parents have approved. And that’s what becomes the breeding ground of desires and aspiration which turns young kids into aggressive teenagers and wolves of future. I don’t blame the parents it’s a tough world and if you do not have the killer instinct it becomes difficult to survive

“Taare Zameen Par” was a classic which brought out this discrepancy that kids face sometimes and how people, who do not adhere, are termed as misfits, often trashed into oblivion. We rarely get teachers who can help young creative alternative thinkers with most of us forced to give in to become a part of the herd.

Who is to be blamed? The Parents or the Aspirational Society which we live in?

I believe corruption is a direct by-product of aspiration. Aspiration turning into a burning desire and then meeting a man with high Machiavellian Character and then what you have is indeed the perfect recipe of corruption.

Being a cricket fan, I have always seen many countries going to any extent to win a match just to prove they are the best. The seed being again the aspiration.

We as adults, are grown up with the idea of competing and winning. Earning and showing of the wealth. The only success which we see is “MONEY”. Another word common aspiration.

I remember people talking corruption as a third world phenomenon. However now as the world has become smaller I have understood, it’s a worldwide phenomenon albeit in a more sophisticated manner.


Interestingly With time the definition of corruption has changed in society. What we called corrupt yesterday today it’s an acceptable norm.

Not long ago, in India, consuming alcohol was a symbol of corrupt values or immoral character and today? Well its increasingly become acceptable! Or for example Lady Chatterley’s Lover changing the whole British society in 1930’s and 50’s and what was considered a corruption in character prior to that became an acceptable norm today.

In my books we cannot have such definition of corruption which changes with time. It’s important that we define what is right and what is wrong which can stand test of time and yes, also the test of aspirations. Because Aspiration is never ending but to channelize the aspiration which fuels our growth in the right manner is important. Aspiration should never cross these definitions and those who do, should be held responsible and should be dealt with iron fist.

Interestingly, couple of countries in Europe are showing an unprecedented change in their society. They are closing down prisons because of lack of prisoners. So, finally may be we have a solution to our crimes and corruption in this Oasis. Netherland and Sweden have shown phenomenal progress in their society faster justice and most importantly having a huge contingent of Atheist population which has kept religion out of education and politics and worked towards developing very strong ethical values which can stand the test of time. Hopefully it will pave way for more just and corruption free world.

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Aparna Posted on2:28 pm - Apr 2, 2018

great writeup , loved all the quoted examples.

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