Corruption; Co-relation Of Reality/Realization Usually Pertaining To Ideals Or Nationality

Corruption; Co-relation Of Reality/Realization Usually Pertaining To Ideals Or Nationality

Corruption; Co-relation Of Reality/Realization Usually Pertaining To Ideals Or Nationality

I am 45 years young & I have seen & experienced the world, at large. There are so many words in the English language that have been perceived in ways that may be absolutely the contrary of what they actually mean. So to say, if a word is perceived in a certain way may have consequences accordingly, in an individual’s life. We all live according to the perceptions we create through the experiences we have during the course of our life.

Have we ever stopped to think if these perceptions are creating a wall or opening a door towards a better view of the planet, a better understanding of the human race, a clear view of the way things are & should be. I am in no position to judge anyone for the perceptions they create, but I can surely create awareness so that we all can learn to see things, not only as they seem to be, but also as they are & or could be. With this thought in mind, because it’s always the mindset that has to change before anything else can change. I would like to share a few insights, for better understanding of self towards Corruption.

Corruption is termed by most of us as a negative word. Right! But I have come to realize through my life that there is no negative or positive word. It’s how you use them & apply them & co-relate them to make them positive or negative. Correct! I believe that when someone does something [right or wrong] they do it because they think/feel that it will bring happiness to them. We all do things that we feel will bring happiness to us.

In the same way, others do things that they feel will bring happiness to them. It’s later that we realize if we were right or wrong because we cease to be happy & now reality strikes, it’s time to try something else that makes us happy. With this thought, we come to realize that we live in a world of trial & error because we do not know where happiness comes from & we are willing to try & risk anything & everything to be happy.

Now let’s look at this from a different angle. We want to be happy when we are not happy. So the truth is that we are not happy. That’s the reason all of us are looking for something we don’t have because if we did, we would stop looking for it. If someone hurts me & I am not happy, I will hurt someone so that I get even, even if it means hurting someone who has not hurt me. People don’t realize that getting even throws everything out of balance. When we lose our balance we fall. We have to keep moving to regain our balance.

Let’s get to the point, here. If I don’t have a value system that I follow, if I don’t have basic ethics & if I don’t have the basic upbringing of a human soul, I say basic because that’s all we need, there is no rocket science to it – we will be doing things that are in human terminology, CORRUPTION – of mind body & soul.

Another way to look at it is, not to see it. We see corruption everywhere. As a human, if all are doing it, so can I, that’s the way we operate & that’s exactly what is wrong with all of us. We do have a heart & brain & soul, but we don’t feel the need to use it. We are lazy, procrastinating, believing, advising, following what we feel is right on the assumption that all are doing it because it’s right.

On the other hand, you never know why a certain person has been sent to the world, what is his purpose & what he has to fulfill before he leaves this planet. I believe that he was brought down to be corrupt create a ripple of corruption & leave. Purpose achieved and God is happy. I am just saying, we don’t know. But I also would like to know if that person has reached a divine state to understand & realize his purpose to be able to confidently execute it in manners that people execute corruption.

The final angle I would like to showcase is the mere fact that there are some people brought up in an environment that was full of corruption. They don’t know any other means of communicating. They feel that this is the way to be. They don’t even realize that they are doing something wrong. Realization is when u change, but for some, it’s early because of the good company & for some, it’s late as life teaches them through their own experiences of hit & miss.

Another thing that people perceive is that money gives happiness. It gives power to the person who has it. This makes an individual feel that he/she can do anything with money. Arrogance, greed & jealousy creep in & they think that money can buy anything & everything. It’s the mindset & the thought process that is built up by their family & friends that makes them feel that corruption is only possible by the rich & powerful. So they start misusing these rights because they feel it’s meant for them who are rich. They can do anything they desire if they have money. They are taught to believe that corruption is only for the rich & powerful. So the only way to be able to corrupt themselves & others is that they need money & that brings power. It is this concept that has wrongly made a house in people’s hearts that has to be removed. Only then can humility, gratitude & acceptance be a new corruption.

In the end, I would like to ask all the people, are we fooling ourselves or are we trying to fool the world. If people are trying to fool the world, then they think that the world is a fool & they can fool them. So he/she thinks all to be a fool. If they are fooling themselves then what are they trying to prove. That they are a fool or are they trying to make us think that they are fools.

Corruption is a virus & we need a strong anti-virus to eradicate this disease. Wisdom, knowledge, ethics, values, mindset and a lot more things need to be inculcated in today’s youth so that this can be uprooted & removed from the veins of humanity. To do this we have to start a chain of actions with results that can spread like wildfire to renew the thought process & assist people in understanding the short-term failures & long-term successes that they need to follow for permanent happiness.

Let’s each one of us, it’s a request, just do one action from our end & in our power to voice & act against corruption & create a chain where each individual does just one act & creates ripples. Let’s not be the one that only sits & complains like the rest. Let’s be the change we want to see.

I am penning my thoughts & suddenly I realized what I am writing. I am laughing at myself now. Sometimes thoughts flow & the truth comes oozing out. Reality strikes! Never before this time had I ever thought of corruption, this way. This has helped me to identify myself & to live a better life pertaining to my ideals. There are many more ways to see this & I am living, I am learning & I will surely find many more ways to look at corruption in a way that is productive & realistic & to be able to relate it to people so that we can change mindsets & that’s the real change we want in humanity.

I am blessed with corruption, I am blessed with honesty & sincerity, I am blessed with jealousy & humility, I am blessed with selfishness & acceptance. At the end I want all of you to know, that we are all blessed. With this thought, we can & will grow, understand, evolve and live our life to the fullest on this planet & after.

Adios Amigo – Have a Jawesome Life.

Author: Juzer Master



Rajat Soni
Rajat Soni Posted on10:55 am - Apr 2, 2018

A unique perspective on Corruption! Perceptions Attitude Behaviour! It all starts from a state of unhappiness. Thanks, Juzer!

Yadvendra Jadon Posted on11:08 am - Apr 2, 2018

A different perception indeed. Makes me think. Thanks.

A question:

You said that those brought up on an environment of corruption will not know corruption. How so? Do a wrong thing and you know that it is wrong. What else is conscience? You ignore it, it affects you and you harden up to such an extent that it stops affecting you. I understand the challenges of getting a correct understanding in the formative years. But people know that they are doing something wrong. No?

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