The Daily Chores of Corruption

The Daily Chores of Corruption

The Daily Chores of Corruption

A burning question that gives rise to many more other questions like, “What is the need to be corrupted? Why bribery! Who are to be convicted of both?”

If we see all developed countries of the world, we find there, some beautiful things with the other basic requirements which are responsible for their growth. They are not only the wealth, investments, infrastructures but most importantly they have an organized force of very honest and hardworking citizens motivated with national mottoes and etiquette

Therefore when the citizens of a country honestly perform their duties, ‘be it either a consumer or a service provider’, a nation and a society cannot stay remote for long.

And when these people get infected by the diseases like corruption and bribery, destruction start to take place at first on a personal level, then at the social level and finally at the national level.

Disappointing to say that this destruction has already engulfed our country of India, but no one knows when and how.

In India, the picture is totally dark and misunderstood.
Few cases of corruption like:

-Head Master of school got arrested for selling rice that comes under  Midday Meal Scheme of government.

-A political leader found guilty of confiscating government money from development scheme.

-Illegal appointments in departments of government employment 

-Question paper sold out before exam (public services exam)

There are many more ‘Ghotalas’ like the above- dishonest or illegal plans or activities, especially those for receiving illicit money – recorded in India’s history of corruption.

The present scenario in all social, political, official affairs of India is as such that one can see from the very junior most to the level of very highest authority in any field, now everyone is corrupted. The puddle of this mud is so thick that no one can escape from its stronghold.

If anyone wants to go against the flow, he will either be dead or will be made to go along with the system rather than lose his social reputation and family security. A bitter and inevitable truth!

Thus everyone can fathom the severity of the extent of corruption in our socio-political system.


Therefore a genuine question perhaps we can ask ourselves that Can corruption and bribery be wipe out from our country, from our life and society?’

Though nobody can confirm the existence of the non-corrupted person, nation or society in the world, yet an example, maybe the best one, can be given i.e. the country of Japan, land of volcanoes and Samurais; now a developed country that dared to invade the land of America once upon a time. How come such a geographically small piece of land has become so powerful and independent that it could successfully seize the world of modern technology!  Definitely, the Japanese people, who know to the entire world’s public as the most punctual, patriotic, and hardworking and united citizens must have contributed towards these accomplishments. Since a nation exists because of its citizen and vice versa.

Therefore when it comes to national accomplishment, credit always goes to its entire citizen only.

Here I would take an opportunity to quote a simple experience:
“A lady teacher was waiting outside the office of School Inspector to get her papers related to her service signed by a School Inspector. After waiting a full day, she finally asked the personal assistant of S. I. to take the papers to his table. When the assistant heard the teacher, he became very much conscious of all possible opportunities and immediately demanded Rs. 100 for that simple work. At this, the teacher had decided herself enter the office directly to meet the officer. And when she did, she got stumbled to hear another demand of Rs. 500 from the S.I. for just his signature.”(S.I- School Inspector)

What will be our perception on the above example? To know that, one must have to go through the following objectives or points :

  • One should have known about corruption
  • Knowledge about possible sectors of corruption,
  • Types of corruption
  • And of course none the less, possible remedies to reduce corruption.

In brief, corruption in its simplest term means to abuse or destroy. Abuse of entrusted power or rights for private gains is corruption. And it hurt everyone who depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority.

Why does corruption need to be reduced only beside the full-fledged plan to stopped it?

The Tangible and the Intangible

Perhaps here we could again perceive one fact that corruption depends on various tangible and intangible aspects and control of these aspects are beyond human capability.

Intangible aspects are related to human mind i.e. people’s nature of seeking more for personal gain, greed, vices, and weakness for money.


Since every discovery of the world is the child of human mind only, therefore, corruption also first takes place in human mind and then comes into the form of action in reality with the help of other aspects. These other aspects are socio-political environment including systems and people.

Importantly no one can control another person to stop thinking what he or she wants to think.

Through a minimum research and study, it is found that corruption can be of the following types and they are-

  • Petty Corruption: it occurs at small scale and within established social frameworks and governing norms. For example, exchange of improper gifts or use of personal connections to obtain favors. This form of corruption is common in a country like India and where public servants are underpaid.
  • Grand/ large scale corruption: it can be defined as corruption occurring at the highest level of government involves significant subversion of the political, legal and economic systems.
  • Systematic corruption: Systematic corruption may take place due to weaknesses of an organization or process. It can be contrasted with individual officials who act corruptly within the system. It can be caused by conflicting incentives, discretionary powers, monopolistic, lack of transparency, low pay, and a culture of impunity.


Now we will see which are the areas or sectors that corruption may take place within. The various sectors of corruption are like Government sector, public sector, political sector, police service (executive system), judiciary sector, corporate sector, and NGOs.

Sometimes the labor union which is formed to protect the rights of employees get corrupted in liaison with other organized crime syndicates.


In brief, let’s have a look at the methods of corruption:

Bribery: bribery is the improper use of gifts and favours in exchange of personal gain.

Theft and fraud: embezzlement and theft means illegal access to funds or assets and taking control of them.

Blackmail: blackmail and extortion centres around the use of threats.

Nepotism and Clientelism: this involve the favouring someone from relation or friend.

Political Donation: it can be used to secure illicit power.

We have been shared till now about technical terms and facts related to corruption.Let’s have the other sides of corruption.

How corruption influences our youth and what are the possible outcome of it?

Does anyone of us (parents, teachers, employers, motivators etc) have ever thought over the issues that related to our youth so affected by corruption? Here my mind get stuck in entangled strands of logics and argues.

When parents are working in a higher position and involve in corrupted work, what will they expect of their own children? Do they have the rights to ask their kids to behave properly in all environments? Can’t we say that their growing kids are slowly getting corrupted by the influence of their parent’s lies? And henceforth our nation is likely to have another slot of corrupted manpower. Isn’t it?

Being an employee, when a teacher bribes for his/her payment bill to get passed, he or she gets involve in corruption. Thus they appear to behave in a dual manner in front of students to hide their weakness against corruption and will maintain the image of a good teacher. It is a pathetic reality for us to accept.

Both parents and teachers are the main motivator for a growing youth. And if the motivators take shelter in corruption, then their followers would get a mental shock to discover their ideals being corrupted. Moreover, they will learn the same thing from their motivators, giving not much clue to onlookers. It’s happening subtly in our society which we can’t see just with open eyes but need our keen observation.

Every last batch of all final educational trade are the next position holder in every sphere of life, therefore a corrupted lot of students cum youth will further contribute to corruption and may be they will bring new ways and means of corruption same time.

Moreover, day to day corrupted practices in employment and other sectors have been disappointing a group of youth who have just started to walk in their life and push them to lose belief from honesty and other good things of morale and etiquettes. This declining faith of our youths seems giving birth to a group of manpower who would become either criminal or more corrupted person.

If we continue to digging, many disappointing truth will be coming out.

Now, the ultimate question arises: Why corruption?

Many would have various reasons. Inequality of wealth, injustice, thirst for power, greed for money, desires to have luxuries in life and so on. Before knowing the answer to this question, it is very essential to know who is corrupted and who encourages corruption.

Hope, it would not be a wrong statement to say that, we, the general people of India are only responsible for encouraging corruption. Our meekness to all these filthy practices, our surrendering attitude to them augments the confidence of corrupted people to indulge more in their menacing motives. Thus, a favourable environment is there for corruption in India for which the root of corruption in India is so deep.

Do we feel lazy to fight back? Perhaps we have become so busy in own life that not a single moment we want to spend to think about all these. Undue importance to self interest is the source of all these misuses of power and opportunity.

We know that a giver and a receiver are both involved in bribery. If one breaks the chain, refuses to take or give, bribery will not take place.

The public who are allowing all that filthy practices are equally corrupted with the one who is practicing all these. Thus the tradition of bribery goes on living in our society because we public are giving bribe. In India, the condition of the citizen is like pretending to be dumb and blind.

Preventive measures for corruption:

To eradicate corruption from India, measures can be adopted but the whole process needs personal interest of the people of India to bring changes. The entire population would have to be aware of his or her duty and rights towards himself/herself and towards the society. A conscious group of citizens will make a conscious society and ultimately a country as a whole. Developments of mind and spiritual growth with positive and good thinking may reduce the level of corruption from the society.

Possible measures can be adopted to reduce corruption to an extent are like:

  • Proper education to all sections of society
  • No to bribe or favours
  • Reporting of cases of corruption
  • Speedy trial and exemplary punishment for a person involved in corruption.
  • Ensuring transparency
  • Full freedom to Lok Pal.

At the last, after discussing so much, we seem hopeless. Thus we can’t wipe out corruption from our society, from our country and from our life. It is so because subtly we want corruption to fulfil our various needs easily. Despite higher education and lot of moral education, we tend to favour our greed and desires. With this, I conclude my writing here.

Jai hind!

Nitusmita Saikia
Nitusmita Saikia

By profession, an instructor in National Cadet Corps, Nitusmita writes both in English and in her regional language (Assamese).She has been writing poetry for E –magazines like FM Online Magazine since last two years. Her poems have been published in various anthologies under, WWW.Realisticpoetry.Com “why Poetry Matters” under Ardus Publication Germany, “A Bouquet of Verse, volume-2” “A Divine Madness, An Anthology of Modern Love Poetry volume 3, volume 5”, Anthology “Symphony of Peace “under 10thIPF JKC College Guntur, India , regional anthology ‘HazarKobirSapun’


Rajat Soni
Rajat Soni Posted on7:45 pm - Apr 4, 2018

A Complete Guide to the What, Why and How of Corruption

sharalin Posted on1:56 pm - Apr 8, 2018

Great writing, positive thought, positive message to the society and the bitter truth of our life and society.

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