Mankind Beneath Corruption..!

Mankind Beneath Corruption..!

Mankind Beneath Corruption..!

Sigh!Souls have turned into dust and ash,

Holy pages of wisdom are now lifeless.

Peace! Peace! Peace is yelling beneath,

The grave of mankind,

Chaos in all around,

From men to systems; babies to veterans,

Plays of vice and lies,

In its bloody reign! 



A fatal blueprint on work,

Everyone is stealing each other’s rights!

Who will get a peaceful night?

Men get sold in the market of money and power,

We are the pack of old ugly merchants,

Playing roulette of lives of the common man

Law and order wounded in our sight. 


Mockery of words; it felt itself to spell

When comes to decode loyalty,

What will we rhyme to our progeny?

When they stir the puddle of bribery,

And find their father’s blood

There in the corrupted mud! 



Men to men, thou will see,

Despite the caste and creed,

Unity in conspiracy,

Engulfing wealth of the nation,

Let poor die in hunger,

Let the honest dies in mental suffer,

As if nothing has value but only ‘self’

Who will take what to his or her grave?  


Cunning predator!It claws silently everywhere,

Whether in ruling etiquettes,

Or in the path of duties, 

Burn those lips open for truth,

If we stand, have to suffer it wrath,

Nothing goes right; nobody fight wrong,

Slaying one and all faith,

As if,Shackles of corruption unbroken unto death! 


Corruption! Corruption!

The epic of new millennial society,

Let’s burn the filthy pages of This story,

Let my words bribe you all my comrades!

Paving the way to next world war,

Arm to arm we will be all there.(31/03/2018)

Nitusmita Saikia
Nitusmita Saikia

By profession, an instructor in National Cadet Corps, Nitusmita writes both in English and in her regional language (Assamese).She has been writing poetry for E –magazines like FM Online Magazine since last two years. Her poems have been published in various anthologies under, WWW.Realisticpoetry.Com “why Poetry Matters” under Ardus Publication Germany, “A Bouquet of Verse, volume-2” “A Divine Madness, An Anthology of Modern Love Poetry volume 3, volume 5”, Anthology “Symphony of Peace “under 10thIPF JKC College Guntur, India , regional anthology ‘HazarKobirSapun’


Rajat Soni
Rajat Soni Posted on10:53 am - Apr 2, 2018

Wow! What a beautiful way to present Corruption !

Mitali Posted on11:25 pm - Apr 2, 2018


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