I’ve written a lot about letting go, leaving the past behind and moving on in the journey of life. At times, this seems easy. Then there are times when an incident stirs up an old memory… a memory that elicits a fear that suddenly looms large in its magnified state even after decades of its birth.

While the mind refuses to let go of these memories and keeps them stowed at the back of the mental closet, there are times when life rummages through the mess and pulls out a fear. Does it do so when it believes we are strong enough to face the fear? I can’t really say. But yes, when it does pull it out of the closet and dangle it before your eyes, it does need one to stare the monster in the face and instruct it to buzz off.

It isn’t easy. But it is an opportunity to prove your own strength. As I write this, I’m fighting my own demon that has awakened after more than two decades. It’s a nasty feeling and I succumbed for a while to its clawing power. But life’s experiences over the years have taught me one thing for sure – when you let go, let go of it completely. Sever ties with it. Acknowledge its presence and then bid it adieu.

I’m trying, and it’s working. The demon comes back to loom over me, but it’s moving farther away. The piercing pain and mind-clouding fear is turning into snatches of pain that I now believe will soon fade away into a faint numbness. I am still oscillating between my past and the present to fade away this fear from my future, with an absolute belief that the silver lining will blind this demon from my life forever.

Keerthana Venkatesh