Happiness Inside

Happiness Inside

Anju looked out of the coffee day shops window the sun was about to set. With the sad voice, “ I’m defeat Manju “. Manju hold the palms of Anju, “No di its never been late, you are a strong woman you will make it. I’m there with you we will make it done”.

Many years back
Ganesh was a simple professor teaching literature in government college in a small town. His wife died after a long medical treatment and left a small girl Anju of two years defined. It was difficult for Ganesh to manage the house and upbringing the little girl, so he got married a village girl Laxmi. They got two kids daughter Manju and youngest son Ashok. Ganesh was busy with his professional work as it was difficult to manage three children with best education. On the other side the little Anju was strangling for mothers love, as Lakshmi keep on differentiating Anu with her siblings. She past many night crying in the room alone, but her little sister was watching her standing beside the door. As they grow up one day Manju decided to talk to her ‘di’. She set beside her and put her little hand on her shoulder, “di don’t cry so hard, one day mummy will realise that you are the best daughter of her “. Angrily Anu look at her little sister, “she is your mom not mine so even we don’t have any relation don’t call me di I’m nothing to you. Some things never change in life you try your best but it hurts you. God had never done justice to me so he took away my mom”. And again she start crying, Manju with the sad voice, “No di you will be always my di, though our mother are different but father is same he never differential between us. We all have same life style, education. I and Ashok loves you di just because of mom’s behaviour you don’t ignore us”. Without any reaction wiping her tears Anju left out of room.
Many years passes Manju tried to remove the gap between Anju and her but she was unsuccess. One evening after completing her work laxmi went to the room where ganesh was reading book and Ashok busy in studies, “today my auntie called me they got good marriage proposal for Manju, the boy is Manager in Ltd. Company his future is good have chance to shift abroad in future as company have branch there. “ Ganesh close the book looked at laxmi, “Anju is elder to her I can’t think of Manju until Anju get married. Look laxmi in our caste dowry is major problem I have limited saving. Ashok is too small I have to support him to complete his engineering. I don’t know how I will be able to manage marriage of two girls. “ Quietly but quickly laxmi went out of room she had long conversation with her auntie on phone. Next day morning she went to ganesh she explained him in her smart way how they can save dowry money of Anjus marriage by making her married to Satish 13years elder to her. After the big convention between the family and other close relatives laxmi got success in getting married Anju with Satish and her daughter with Prashant whom her auntie suggest. To save the money of marriage they married both the daughters on same day under one roof. Anju was very sad and had almost lost her charm looking at her future husband. Manju going through two feelings at a time the happiness of new life and injustice towards her sister. Manju, “di don’t carry any negative thought inside God might have think something good for you “ Anju It is easy to give lecture on positivity when you life is on safer surface it is big injustice to me why I have to suffer. “ she hide her face and cure to supper natural power. Laxmi’s brother respect Ganesh so he gifted both the couple an honeymoon package for simla for eight days. Ganesh and laxmi feels that there duties are over now but God know what next is knocking the door.

Anju and Manju sitting on the sofa of hotel in Simla, Satish and Prashant where busy chatting each other while moving around the garden of hotel. Manju, “di so how was your first night “ with the engry eyes Anju turn to Manju “I know you will not leave a single chance to let me down like your mom. What, what your mom told you to count my pain and let her know to have peaceful sleep. And this Satish took advantage of my situation “ Manju with the swollen throat and little teary eyes try to calm the situation. She feels guilt for her question but she managed, “No di, please di, di di you first listen at this age of time you know I can never hurt you. Ya true mom has successied in her trick but di just cool your mind and see something very good happening with you. Satish jiju may be elder by age but he look so handsome, even young guys can’t bit him, he is qualified, seem supportive as he always take care of you. The most important his eyes says he loves you. Di you suffer alot for love dont you think God has gifted you with this. He is well mannered, culture guy have good job. What else you want di, you never know what is next but to be happy with what destiny chose for you, the miracle happens “. Anju with lots of anger in her mind “Miracle happen!! Ha really it happens with me all the time. Losing my mother miracle, getting your mom in my life gods big blessing and happiness “… Turning her face with tears in eyes, “ getting married to an old man is fun right? I can’t take him to my friends they all will laugh at me. How can you love a person in whom you could see your uncle. What good life has done with me? I don’t know what wrong I done your god is just punishing me. “ Manju, “Di this is just a beginning, give time to life. I know one day you will be proud of jiju” Anju, “It is easy to say when you have everything of your choice. “ Manju, “who knows di what destiny has choose for me “. Anju, “You have a mother who do anything for your future.. Anyways I m not going to forgive all now I will take revenge for all injustice my silence will speak in future. I was being forced for marriage because of Satish, why he got agree for such a gap of age. He and his family will pay for this”.Manju, “If jiju refused dont you think mom could have someone else for you dont play with your life di. “ Anju as every time happens walked out ignoring Manju.
Manju was right you never know the curve of life. The new turn was waiting for both the sisters. They reached home and started with new life. Anju shows lots of frustration to Satish and his mom she never took initiative to help her mother in law for house hold though she always respect her and ignored her mistakes Anju try her best to harass old lady. She never mixed with relatives or neighbour. Her mother in law tried to explain that in the end this all people will be your relatives but it was on the deaf ears. She insult Satish’s sister family, that even they stop talking to them. Many time Satish try to talk to her but she fights unduly and he just keep quiet. Satish mother was disappointed by her behaviour and started having problem of depression.
On the other side Maju gone through big pain it was like whole word is lost. As they happily returned from honeymoon she was very busy arranging her pictures in album, Prashant enter the room. Manju, “have you seen di and jiju’s this picture they look perfect together. Don’t you… “ “what happen Prashant? Why you look down “. Prashant, “I want to share something with you “. The picture in Manju’s hand were scattered on floor. With surprise voice she asked, “what’s that Prashant, tell me”. Prashant set on the chair, “Manju I don’t want you to be in dark now, I have an relation with one girl Julie. We met in some conference we are in love since two years. Julie wants to make a career so we are not getting married now but we stay at her company flat. Knowing about this relationship my sisters family stop sending her at my place so my mother wants me to get married to some girl belong to our caste. Just for the sake of my mother I married you but won’t be able to continue this anymore. I can’t leave Julie. I will send regular money to you and amma. Hope you understand. You are a qualified girl. “ Manju was hardly able to clear the view of pictures in her hand behind the tears “Does qualified means keeping quiet. You could clear this to my father before marriage how could you spoil life of others. “ Cutting the conversation Prashant “Do you think so anyone could marry on telling truth “. Before Manju could manage what is happening with her, Prashant went out with his bag. Manju was speechless she call her father, but helpless by society system and lots of other myth thoughts they both the parents left her and went back with meanless blessings. Few days later she comes to know she is pregnant. Manju don’t know whether to celebrate the moment or cry. She gone through many thoughts and slowly started adapting the challenge of life. She started making her good bond with her mother in law. She keeps calling her sister in law regular to come up with same old bond.
On the other side Anju too got pregnant but she create lots of tentions in the house. She tried to kill herself so Satish was so scared. He kept nurse for her, her mother in law was yet managing the family affair. She keeps on putting lots of negativity in house by her pointless fight.
Again both the sisters are under one roof for ‘Garbha Sanskar ‘ vidhi at their father’s place Anju was pampered by Satish and his family with mother in law. Manju was lonely standing with her old mother in law. Manju again try to convince her di that you are lucky adopt the life as it is, every problem have end some where but Anju was on her way with great pride.
They both the sister gave birth to baby boy. Anju keeps on poring her negativity in little mind of her son. She never allow him to have good bond with family or friends. Her behaviour hurts Satish’s mom and got parelis. Satish has to spend money after her care. Anju never bother to see how he manages financial issues behind his mom. Satish sold his village property and shifted in small house. But Anju never support. After the death of Satish’s mom she never invite anyone at home or she dont allow anyone to visit. Her son Ravi was passing a quiet and silent life, carrying some deep thought in mind. He never play with children of his age. His parents relationship were giving deep negative thoughts for any relationship on earth.
Manju was calm lady she managed to build good relationships with her sister in laws family. She bring up her son Rajesh in such a way that he never feel the gap that his dady is not with them. Prashant do visit them but only for his mother he never bothered to have a look at his son. The days passed in years but Manju was still hopping to get her husband back. One night Prashant came home with his bag’s, his mother and Manju were shock to see. They had silent family dinner. After few moments of suspense, “Amma, Manju.. “ with tears in eyes and down head “Julie decided to get married to CEO of our company “. His mother was not able to control her happiness. Prashant expressed his guilt and negligence towards his family but he also explained that he can’t work in same firm, with the limited amount now they have to start new life. Manju except all because some where she was happy to see her husband back. She explained her son Rajesh about his father that they both father and son had good love for each other. They all supported each other and manage to get smooth financial position. Her son started helping Prashant in new business. Slowly Prashant had good social status because of his wife Manju’s sacrifices. Prashant love and respect towards his wife doubled. Her mother in law was very happy with all happiness around and was making big plans for her grandsons wedding.
One day Manju and Anju accidentally met in Shopping Mall. Anju was hiding her eyes from her sister but Manju with her same kind nature got happy to see her di. They set at Coffee Shop to have some words. As Anju stopped relation with all, Manju was completely unaware what happen in her life. Anju’s son Ravi had decided to leave the house and will not get married to any girl looking at family issues. Now Anju wants him come back help his father take care of parents but its too late. Anju“ I’m defeat Manju “. Manju hold the palms of Anju, “No di its never been late, you are a strong woman you will make it. I’m there with you we will make it done”. With tears in eyes, “why we all never get anything on right time. Why we go long way for that particular thing which was with us.” Manju “because we all want happiness on our condition we are not ready to have patient in life. It is law that what ever you get you have to pay for it. But in relation we only want and that too on our condition, you want happiness on conditions of age, our mother wants on conditions of security for her children, Prashant want on conditions of glamour and fame. We all know we get everything on bases of our karma but we all run after something which is others destiny. If we except what we get and try to make that best, life will be beautiful. We women have power to make best out of limited resources but we only dont know how to use our own talent.” “di don’t think so much nothing is gone let’s have a family gathering with my family your family and our brother Ashok family with Ma And Pa. Ravi will change. Rajesh is his brother let them have a good bond he will change his views.” Anju was speechless the girl whom she always ignore today giving her entire life back.

Hitangxi Bhuta

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Meenakshi Raina Posted on4:18 am - Jun 21, 2018

Excellent write up.

A beautiful and inspiring story indeed.

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