Immortality of our relationship

Immortality of our relationship

Immortality of our relationship

Your arms I felt around me;

My first connection with this world;

Oh mom, your warmth I still feel;

Even when into my bones bite the wintry chill


You gave me life, you gave me love

You gave me values and inner strength

I reap the fruits of the seeds you’ve sown

You taught me in myself to have faith


You inspired confidence in me

Sometimes you also let me be

You spared not the rod

You spoiled not the child


Thank you, oh mom, my dear mom

I strive to emulate you and be a great.


Years later after this poem, I penned

When you have left us mortals be

I still feel your arms, I still feel your warmth

I still feel your presence,

Nandini Rao
Nandini Rao

Nandini Rao is a self-employed professional coach with in-depth exposure to the several business functions. A trained and internationally certified Coach she is committed to coaching people to achieve their goals and raise the quality of their own lives. With over 20 years of experience in the Corporate world she brings with her a wealth of experience. During the tenure of her career she has been responsible for establishing and executing major goals and objectives for the organization; formed and implemented policies within the organization; provided leadership, direction and guidance of organization development activities and motivated staff to balance high level skills with maximum productivity; analyzed and evaluated effectiveness of the operations; developed and maintained organizational structure and effective personnel; coordinated activities through subordinates and appraised assigned personnel. Her excellent organizational skills during her working life enabled build a charitable organization from idea to ongoing operations and working towards sustainability within a span of three years. Today, even after 8 years the organization is well oiled in its operations and has reached greater levels of sustenance, because of the strategies that have been implemented. Her deep understanding of human psychology and ability to relate to people from diverse fields make her an excellent coach, mentor, and builds strong & lasting relationships. Writing, which has always been a passion for her got relegated to the background during her working career. She has now got back to it and is fully expressive in her writings, be it her poems in Hindi and English, fiction in English or her articles in English. All of it reflect her depth of understanding of life and people. Her focus, coupled with strong management and leadership skills have motivated professionals to maximize levels of productivity. She is committed to delivering high quality, adhering to timelines and building productive relationships for herself, her clients and all the people around her.


Shrabanti Ray
Shrabanti Ray Posted on10:11 am - Apr 30, 2018

Moms are omnipresent, in joy and sorrow
For today, and the radiant tomorrow.

Mother’s are kind, gentle beings on Earth who own a treasure house of love and warmth that no one else possesses.
A loving poem.

Meenakshi Raina Posted on2:11 am - May 1, 2018

Moms are angels in our life. Bcoz of them, we are what we are today. Nandini Ji, thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem. ?????????

Ritu Piyush Garg Posted on5:58 am - May 13, 2018


Aparna Posted on6:39 am - May 13, 2018

simply beautiful

Hitangxi Bhuta Posted on10:25 am - May 25, 2018

Very well expressed the flow of thought

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