Minor Life in a Major Country

Minor Life in a Major Country

Minor Life in a Major Country


  Minor Life in a Major Country:

It’s a tale of past January where my niece of nine was rehearsing a song for heading Republic Day Celebrations at her school. I have witnessed someone of household mentoring her vocal and others lexical. Pardon I couldn’t contribute to the little girl’s pride since I fell head over heel in my professional chores. But at last I comprehended her urging approach and worked on further rectifications this is what she too aimed. I swear, trust me post rehearsals, on the recall of its lyrical sense my two hours’ brainstorm rolled down the cheeks.

The first lines:

“Saare jahan se acchhaa, Hindustan hamaaraa

Better than all the world, is our India.

“Ham bulbule hain is kee, ye gulsitan hamaaraa

We are its nightingales and this is our garden”


And the last lines:


“Mazahab nahi sikhataa, aapas me byr rakhna

Faith does not teach us to harbour grudges between us

“Hindee hai hum, vatan hai Hindustaan hamaaraa

We are all Indians, and India is our Homeland”.


Staunchly portrays the past and present (Not future. I am optimist) abysmal socio-secular conditions of verily our country where constitutional supremacy and its directive principals are assured.


My niece, like all other children, even say them “Tomorrow’s Citizens”, customarily attend the celebrations, hear long speeches, make tall promises, have solid sweets on Jan. 26. She merely knows greeting “Happy Republic Day” (May her wish come true). But as today’s citizen I have pertinent facts to share with. Being a minority if I too have a “Freedom of speech”, from the fathom of my heart I thank the constitution and also with due humility I plea for communal elements of Bharatiya Janata Party to assert it.


I was looked down for being a Muslim in eminent Edu-summit past month. My fellow men distance me for a convicted Muslim elsewhere in the world Because, ever since the right wing came into force the communal fascists are trying with all their might to obliterate Indian constitution’s unique identity so called, French Motto –“Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” of minorities. In their inhumane juxtaposition minorities’ dignity is questionable. In their process of Hindu Rashtra ethnicity of common man is politicized. Divisive talks of stalwarts in some media, aggressive terms of stat men in public processions have transitioned secular spirits and made each of the social sects vulnerable by another. Such social unrests are resulting in rising graphs of Intellectuals’ Migration in yester years.


May it be Mr. Yogi’s or Ms. Sadhvi’s onslaught on secular ethos after rhythmic intervals resulted sectarian riots across the nation. Such intolerance mobilizes every nook in no time due to rural-urban interaction through fast grown mobile technology. Ultimately aftermath costs common man’s life and livelihood.


Mr. Modi calls our country “Youngest India” as it possesses highest ratio of young citizens and its undeniable fact that we have the second largest human resources in the world. His spokesmen are devastating this powerful resource by their polarizing agenda and actively propagating the hatred between minorities and majorities. To the annoyance of secular spirit, deliberately this Hindutva agenda carried beyond borders and Indian Diaspora of other countries also is infected. Is this what the youngest India needs?!


Ideals have to focus on Ideas of national and social prosperity. But in Brightening India ideology is mantra. Constitution stated government has nothing to do with its people’s beliefs. If chosen leaders have explicit aversion to it how can common men adhere to the constitutional principles? Do our politicians dishonour the constitution?!


We all taught “unite we stand – divide we fall” if our stat men truly cherish the nation to achieve its unbridled socio-economic progress it’s time to unite all the devised. String minorities and majorities together to make a vivid floral wreath to our Mother Land” Along with Mahatma’s Mantras non-violence and civil disobedience, unity of Hindus and Muslims played a pivotal role in India’s Swaraaj struggle. It is unforgettable truth that communal fascist must learn for country’s progress.


As Gandhi said “I do not expect India of my dreams to develop one religion, i.e to be wholly Hindu or wholly Christian or wholly Musalmaan, but I want it to be wholly tolerant with its religions working side by side with one another”. I wonder do our politicians are ignoring Mahatma’s words?!


India has got prime objectives. Third of Indian population lives on less than $ 1.25 a day thus, falling below the international poverty line. 41% rural residents are anaemic. In laymen’s term malnutrition. It hinders their agricultural performance. Our ‘global leaders-to- be’ are still acquiring studies in second generation schools with mere chalk and talk methods. We still do not have fair access to holistic medical provision whereas private hospitals are churning the sick and poor. Even today, somewhere or the other the shrill cry of Nirbhaya’s and Asifa’s is unheeded.


The intolerance and the envy sown by age old communal characters today have to be reaped by unborn secular generations tomorrow.


  • Ahmmed









Name             : S. Ahmmed

Phone            : 9666444383

E-Mail            : syeedahmad5@gmail.com

Place             : Madanapalle

     Columnist hails from Southern A.P’s rural town Madanapalle.  He has completed Masters in English. He worked as English Instructor in the Department of Humanities in Jain Group of Institutions – Bangalore.  He is noted academician among human development institutions, currently serving as Principal for Al Falah School.  Mr. Ahmmed is Recognised English poet by Ashwamegh International English Literary Journal. He is Academic Columnist and been published in national magazines. He is inborn artist and sculptor. He has unquenchable thirst of acquiring knowledge. He would love to pen down on Socio-Humanities and immensely believe the role of letter in transforming lives.


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Bharghav Posted on2:44 pm - Apr 28, 2018

Excellent composition. Present is portrayed in an optimistic scope. Flow of thoughts and word is very apt

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