Today I decided to stop for a moment and reflect upon life. Being lost in the daily battle of life, we are breathing every moment but running away from life. We are alive but not living life. so when I reflected upon my life. It zoomed from childhood to now, many thoughts swept across in a flash. Those which were quite clear and important are, fear, why fear should stay limited to the sphere of ‘money’ it should extend to all the spheres of life. If I am asked to explain my life in one line, I can say, what was not overcome so far in my life was nothing but fear, it was ‘fear’ which held me back,
‘ye Nahi ki dewar Nahi tut payegi,
Mein hi dar Gaya tha’,
I wrote these lines long back, but I self-realized it’s meaning today.
So I resolved to get rid of fear in every sphere of my life.
I also became aware of the fact that I have a lot of things to share with society, hence I resolved to conduct a workshop on the art of management, “how to make your child a genius?”, “how to become a successful entrepreneur/” etc.
Early morning, I received a call from Amity University asking me, to address their students.
I also decided to enjoy my life to the hilt, which I was not doing probably as I was lost in chasing one dream after another and achieving one financial goal after another.
Is this the not your story of your life too?albeit told in slightly different words, life is not mere numbers.It is real and earnest and not a journey towards the graveyard. So stop the March to the graveyard and start the March towards life, which is beautiful and bountiful.