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April 2018


The moon scorches too With its incandescence; Moonshine burns you too With its silvery essence… When the tides turn after twilight And the old moon surfaces above, When lakes and streams and oceans alike To her invisible force are all… Continue Reading →

Relationship – Reliable Ship to Sail Through Ocean of Life!!!

With an Attitude of Gratitude to Team Spark to inspire Authors to pen down their thoughts, Myself Hiren Patel is sharing my view on Relationship – Reliable Ship to Sail Through Ocean of Life!!! Before You start reading on this very… Continue Reading →

Reign of enriched escapades through travel

The world has so many wonderful things and places to admire about.. one of the most common and important manner of admiring is by traveling to many places with in the affordable limits..  Our place where we are born, where… Continue Reading →

Minor Life in a Major Country

    Minor Life in a Major Country: It’s a tale of past January where my niece of nine was rehearsing a song for heading Republic Day Celebrations at her school. I have witnessed someone of household mentoring her vocal… Continue Reading →

Voiceless Love….

Wanted you to hug me when I was emotional and nervous You raised your voice and made me jittery Wanted you to care for me when I was ill You chose to neglect and made me feel worse Wanted you… Continue Reading →

My Soul pulled for a re-visit

Life is full of Twist & Turns

                                                        Life isn’t what I see from my mom’s eyes Also not the… Continue Reading →

Book Review : Aurangzeb by Audrey Truschke

Rare is the book that causes a sea-change in opinion or perspective; this book – Aurangzeb: The Man and the Myth, by Audrey Truschke, is one in that category. A book that quite successfully challenges, at least in my case,… Continue Reading →

Letting Go-The Mind Makes Its Choice

Letting go – It’s not been too hard for me. Over the years I’ve learnt to let go of a lot of things – relationships that were not meant to be, people with whom I did not share a chemistry,… Continue Reading →

Hitch hiking along the Indo-Pak border

If you love to meet people and want to know Amristar better, then get out of your cars and get onto a bullock cart of tractor. That’s pretty much the kind of hitch hiking we did when we packed our… Continue Reading →

Fear:Face It To Fade It

I’ve written a lot about letting go, leaving the past behind and moving on in the journey of life. At times, this seems easy. Then there are times when an incident stirs up an old memory… a memory that elicits… Continue Reading →

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