Relationship – Reliable Ship to Sail Through Ocean of Life!!!

Relationship – Reliable Ship to Sail Through Ocean of Life!!!

Relationship – Reliable Ship to Sail Through Ocean of Life!!!

With an Attitude of Gratitude to Team Spark to inspire Authors to pen down their thoughts, Myself Hiren Patel is sharing my view on Relationship – Reliable Ship to Sail Through Ocean of Life!!!

Before You start reading on this very crucial topic, Let me share what I believe is the better way of reading this content so that your effort in reading this can yield maximum for you.

? I believe you having 100% focus in reading this article can be of a great worth

? Reading to Implement & Not just for mere fantasy can be relatively beneficiary.

I believe you will Enjoy Each Realisation and utilize the same in leading yourself to a New Journey to achieve New Milestones.

And If you feel that this article is worth of sharing with your lovely people so that it can help them too then please do it. Truly Sharing is Caring ☺

? Let’s start now….

This subject called RELATIONSHIP is a vast subject. If we start discussing about it, We can write N numbers of Books on it.

But I will try my best to cover major aspects of this.

What I believe is,

?? Before We start to reach somewhere, We need to check where we are exactly

So let’s Understand what does it mean and also the Reality of RELATIONSHIP between two individuals in this current scenario of fast moving and constantly evolving world.


Relative Ownership means “it conveys that it’s no less than a Partnership for the good. It can be between two individuals or one to anyone or any particular living aspect of life.”

When it comes to Partnership then it has to be 2 way Communication and It includes 50-50 Ownership.

It’s been observed that we all are majorly going through a phase where Materialistic Standards are more recognised than Moral Standards. The sense of ownership in material possession is getting stated clearly but when it comes to the morals and individual responsibility in sharing and guarding the values & emotions pertained to respective relationship are still fuzzy. Because those can not be measured and are purely relies on the level of acceptance. Thus we need to acknowledge the fact that when 50-50 Ownership comes, it comes in all ways for all things.

♨ If There is HAPPINESS in RELATIONSHIP then Both should share equally.

♨ If There is SORROW in RELATIONSHIP then both should share equally.

♨ If There is DIFFICULTIES in RELATIONSHIP then both should face equally.

♨ If There is VICTORY in RELATIONSHIP then both should celebrate equally.

It simply means whatever comes in RELATIONSHIP, it should be shared equally.

Here when I say Equally it has a deeper meaning. It’s a sense of feeling that I am equally responsible in everything with respect to my capabilities. Simply put I should do what I am supposed to do

There are many individuals who have constantly taught the real meaning of RELATIONSHIP not only in words but also in their actions. Somewhere the legacy of good relationships is diluted with the time. And now majorly we hear about people are experiencing the crisis in their relationships.

Now let’s look at few Scenarios of Relational Crisis in various areas of life

♨ There are divorces happening in a matter of weeks or months after getting married.

♨ There are children who are complaining that their Parents are not understanding them.

And on other side,

♨There are Parents who are constantly feeling bad that their children are not respecting/understanding them.

♨There people who manifest indifference to Social issues. It’s more or less a withdrawal of relationship with society

♨ There are concrete structures getting built Taller and Stronger but at the same time the emotional structure of the People who live in those are becoming Smaller and Weaker.

♨ There are various Temples which are getting built to show the grandness and heritage of great value system and at the same time there is still blindness and ignorance in many people who forsaken God’s teachings and becoming Demonic in their Action (Karma).

♨ There are majority of Schools which are designed expecting high payment fundamentally focusing more about comfort and sophistication and less about Realistic and value based Education. That’s one of the reason why educational institutions seems more like a Profitable Business Centre than a Vidya Mandir (Temple of Education)

♨ To look at FRIENDSHIP now a days, When everything is going right that time they put status over Social media BFF (Best Friend Forever) and when it comes to help friend in a crisis, the status goes like DND (Do Not Disturb).

♨ Now looking at area of Spirituality. There are substantial amount of so called ‘BABAs’ in the country who have taken advantage of people’s innocense and ambiguity to build personal wealth. In a certain way There are people who blindly follow and kill themselves in such bewildered process.

If I keep talking about RELATIONSHIP on various subjects in the above manner then in deed you will be scared to witness all those. As you have seen few Relationships I have mentioned above, now Let’s understand the same as per the Law of Cause and Effect. It’s a hard-fact that there is no effect without a cause.

I believe it’s an easy job to just report a problem, it takes a special care and effort to identify the reason behind the problem and to work towards solution

What are all the CAUSES behind these SCARY EFFECTS?


Now As Per The Cases which we have discussed earlier regarding this,

Be it a relationship of
?‍?‍?‍? Parents-Children
?‍? Teacher-Student
☀ God-Devotee
? Friends
?? Neighbours etc

Only Cause which I found is


⏳ Relative Ownership Meaning :-

⭐ If I am a child, My duty is to respect (read+aspect) my elders and not to argue with them about their Beliefs.

⭐ If I am a Parent, My duty is to give ‘Values’ (Courage, Honesty, Divine Intention, Help Others etc..) to my children which gonna help them to build better Character and eventually better Life, not just mere orders (Do this or Don’t do this).

⭐ If I am Teacher then My Duty is To Provide Environment Which Helps them Grow as an Individual as per their own Strengths and Skills.

⭐ If I am Student then My Duty is To Seek Wisdom and Knowledge From My Teacher(Guru) in order to Unleash my potential.

Again to put simply is I SHOULD DO WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO DO

⭐ So Establishment of Harmony in RELATIONSHIP is a product of taking RELATIVE OWNERSHIP! ?

After Checking Where We Are Now and Cause for it, Let’s See Where We Can Lead to !

? More Than An Advice Of Someone, I believe Our Own Experience Teaches us More.

So I would like to share my personal experiences Which I have gone through in My Life and what I learnt from those Experiences which are helping me to become a better person everyday.

?Between the age of 5-15 I had some circle of friends of my age, then 15-18 that circle got replaced with different set of people who were also of my age. But after 18 it all together different and it included people from different age groups some were very younger and some were very older than me.

So What I understood that in Every Relationship comes in our life with Specific Purpose to Contribute in Long Run. After This Realization I always carried the Attitude of Gratitude towards all the Relationships. Some give Blessings and some Lessons in both ways it is Crucial.

I have Categorized following Relationships as per my experience of Life.

? Relationship with Self

This Relationship is Most Important and Crucial One. When One is in Love with Self then Person can Truly Enjoy and Explore each moment of LIFE. And loving self only happens when you believes in yourself.

I consider this Relationship as a No.1. If one wants to grow in Life with peace and fulfillment then this relationship with self has the major role to play.

? Relationship with God

Relationship with God is to be unconditionally present every time. Because There is always Supreme Energy Which keeps us alive and Provide all kind of help when we truly seek for it. In This Relationship only thing can happen is Pure Blessings and when we grow in it we become more Peaceful, Resilient, Fearless and Lovable.

? Relationship with someone who don’t belong to you

After Our Immediate Family and Friends This Relationship starts. Generally It starts when we help someone or We get help from someone whom we don’t know or In the world of social media this Relationship is very famous. The time will come when this relationship grows at such level that it will be equally crucial like extended family.

? Relationship with no limitations

This Kind of Relationship is best to have and it is rare to find such people with whom we have such Relationship where there is no limitations and person can express whatever he/she feels and other one will not judge by words but will respect for such expression which comes from Heart. Whether it is compliment or criticism, Whether it is Anger or Love, Whether it is Agreement or Disagreement, Whether it is Difference in Opinion or in Sync. Once Relationship at such level where Person knows the intend of other one and after such phase also Relationship gets stronger and stronger.

? Relationship From Nothing

What I had experienced from life is, This Relationship starts when we have tough phases and we almost feel lonely from inside to live each day.

So It comes under Divine Relationship because in this phase the other one is in Relationship with you only because of you and not because of anything as that time person don’t have anything and the other one is only will be giving without any expectations.

And we can give other name to this Relationship is….

? Relationship For Nothing In Return

When Person having such Relationship, He/she won’t be only Happy but Enlightened and will Spread Light in someone’s life. Because when there is only intend to give give give and only give then person who is getting will be loyal in any situation and this Relationship will generally Lasts Forever.

And Then In Life Time Comes Where We Encounter Few Relationship Like These??

? Relationship Because of Others

In life we are bound to some people not because we want to but because we have to. Social pressure, peer pressure and many other outside forces which creates an obligation to be with someone. And to show what is not real. This happens majorly when a person has Financial or emotional benefits linked to. These kind of relationships generally starts with a definite purpose and ends once its purpose is served.

Freedom is traded at most in such relationship.

? Relationship because of Self

No obligation. No expectations. No planning. No rational considerations. Sometimes you see a person and you get a gut feeling that you belong to them. Your instincts will compel you to associate with someone for no reason. People around may consider it’s waste of time, it’s not right, it’s not worth etc but you, only you can know what the relationship means.

? Relationship because there is No Choice

This Relationships always happens on regular basis It can happen in society, in office or in any occasion.This happens sometimes for false compassion (only for not to hurt someone or one’s self.) This is also similar to relationship because of others but this has a stronger force as it’s mentioned NO CHOICE. Generally such Relationship of no choice is toxic Relationship because in this neither of them get benefited.

Now in the last there are 2 Major and Broader Relationships of LIFE

1) Relationship with Mother Nature (प्रकृति)

When World Is Facing Huge Global Environmental Issues like Global Warming and Pollution of Air and Water is Because This Relationship getting ignored in today’s lifestyle. And Savior for This Relationship is understanding and implementing the practices to protect environment as mentioned in Ancient Indian Culture and respective scriptures

2) Relationship with Culture (संस्कृति)

If We are not in harmony with this Relationship then it will be hard to maintain Peace In Society as well as in Personal LIFE. Because Culture Gives us Identity and It guides us towards Harmony in LIFE. Almost all Issues and Challenges can be solved if we respect and Practice our Culture in a right way.

I am Proud that I am part of such culture where we worship Animals, Rivers, Plants as God.

We are representing a culture which believes in Philosophy of…

वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम

Which Means – Whole World is One Family

If We start Building Relationship like this in the world I believe there will be Peace & Countries without Borders and Fights, Enriching Each other’s Values and Beliefs.

If each one of us clearly understand and manifest the ownership for the good towards every Relationship then this world will become a better place to live for us and also for the coming generations.

If we correct ourselves in the PRESENT then FUTURE will be taken care. I IMAGINE A Wonderful World To Live In Where We All Are One and There is Prosperity with Peace. Growth with Harmony.

A World where people will mean RELATIONSHIP

as Reliable Ship To Sail Through the Ocean of Life

About the Author:

Hiren Patel a College DropOut in 3rd Year Engineering is a Spiritual Millionaire and a Professional Networker.

He is running his Speaklish English Academy in Rajkot along with his Sister Julie Patel. He is working on Revolutionary Concept of Direct Selling Industry with an International PlatformHe aspires to Inspire People to Reach Their True Potential To Achieve Dreams and Live Life With Full of Happiness.

He is the one of the Founding Members of IN THE ZONE. IN THE ZONE  means Staying in Zone where Person Unleashes his Potential. It’s like you are in Environment (ZONE) where you feel that Everything is Possible for You.

IN THE ZONE is about Creating New Possibilities, New Hopes, New Beliefs through the Infinite Intelligence!!!

Hiren Patel
Hiren Patel

Hiren Patel belongs to the city of Rajkot, Gujarat. He dropped out off his engineering college as he always wanted to be an entrepreneur. He has done many traditional business in different areas like real estate, imitation jewelry, restaurant.Now he is working on a revolutionary concept of direct selling since 3+ years all across globe. Also, as per vision of my mother, he is running an education academy in Rajkot by the name of Speaklish English Academy.

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Dr. Sujata Posted on2:42 am - May 1, 2018

Hiren, this article is wonderful. You have covered each and every perspective of relationship in its simplest form.
Kudos. Worth reading and sharing.

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