Forgiveness – it’s a word well spoken, often debated about; yet, its tentacles are far too tightly wound to break free with ease. There’s that ego that always powers up the energy to not forgive. And in recent times, fear has begun to play an even stronger role in holding one back from forgiving.

I’ve experienced the power play of ego and fear building a dam of resistance against forgiving. It spreads a shroud of Maya – a sense of feeling all-important and powerful when you make that split second decision to not forgive. I’ve reveled in that power.


Felt it rise to my head and heat it up to form a red halo.


And then one day came along a tiny little being. This being, tiny as it was, had a radiant halo of forgiveness that dulled my red one to shame. The little being’s halo began playing quantum physics with me. I learnt to become more forgiving of the constant sleepless days and nights caused by this little being, I started forgiving all those aches and pains, I started forgiving people around me who, I believed, irritated the life out of me during those post natal days. One at a time, without my knowledge, the shackles of ego began to break free.

Over the last four years, life has thrown me in the face of several ego-enhancers and fears from my past. Every time, the first reaction was to forgive. The act of “Forgetting” followed, albeit later. Yet, the forgiving helped me tide through difficult circumstances, dulled the pain. Every time I forgave a past, I felt more positive, more alive, more radiant. And then came the best part – I began realizing that inner peace led to self-satisfaction, and that self-satisfaction has been the key to sifting positive criticism from gossip.


Every time I forgive someone for hurting me, I’m actually gifting myself a box of positive energy. It feels like a karmic bond that’s broken, letting love and light course deeper into my being. It also results in a positive shift in the forgiven person’s persona. There’s one ego shackle broken there, and here I hold my head higher with a strength heretofore unknown. And this, dear readers, is the path of life that my little girl shoved me back on to from wherever I wavered to.


Try it if you can. It’s worth the karmic effort.