Single or ????

Single or ????

Single or ????

Have you logged in to a close friend”s Facebook account recently or stumbled upon a picture of a celebrity tired of exhibiting the latest ” pinks and purples”. Just go through it , mischievously, of course, and probe further.It would induce your curiosity.

In a line of pouty selfies, two eyes would be liner free- pale and distraught .The lip color would not shine with gloss and the patient ears would be bare. A pose restricted to gloom!

Another spotted in a groupie, would be a contrast- brighter, healthier and ……. Bold and Beautiful layered dress, the zig zag nail art, eyes kohled and mascaraed, the funky ear rings making a statement and the attitude notorious,chic and flirtatious! Chasing away the blues if any??? Probably, yes.

What can we presume and conclude?
That the ‘single’ is doomed and isolated.That is why the simplicity in attire and food? Or that it takes a makeover to get over it.

Have we researched on the same?

A RELATIONSHIP is as fond as it is. When a young girl or a boy is in a relationship, their behaviour and conduct comes across as exciting. There are rising bubbles up in the air, sudden hollowness in the belly,melodious music and magic, butterflies wandering and fluttering here and there, several animated versions and fitting landscapes accompanying the visual airy imagination.In addition to this, there is NO HUNGER AND THIRST SYNDROME. What the heck! Where do the essential requirements of the physical body disappear? Has anyone seen “LEPTIN- the hormone” close by? Sounds funny but I think, it is hibernation time for the appetite enhancing hormone and so the complete vanishing act!!!

The eyes doodle and roll in the presence of a crowd, or some unwanted and unexpected relatives, participating in a no nonsense chatter for hours together.Waiting…..for those silly whispers of sweet nothings. OUCH! More than whispers, the texts that the fingers work on in the wee hours _ secretly , addictive and intoxicating, like a bottle of fresh lime masquerading with wine. The bite of the slit green chillies, peppered and hot.A toast raised to a new ,absurd and abstract emotion filling the heart and emptying the soul. TILL DEATH DO WE PART…says who?

In this journey, that perhaps does not end in death, transactions and negotiations fuel resentment and hatred. The families withdraw, plots to defame and dishonour pop up, belittling the feelings, conspiracies are hatched and parting lessons crash with the rising tides.

The acute disability of the caste system and the casting couch members resort to honour killing , there by compelling the youngsters to choose between gulping down round white tablets and fall asleep forever or slitting their wrists , with a rusted blade. Tragic – drama and theatricals follow. A life gone, a life stumped! An hour of crisis, declaration of emergency.

What if I were to tell you that I would be extremely glad to see the other side of the coin?
Do relationships make or break us?
Debatable, right?

Now, I would choose to take a complete u-turn and respond.


A relationship can nurture a new life, a second chance in it’s intimacy, warmth and affection.
Ready to mingle?
No problems.

The liberty, the freedom, the deletion, the appetite, the binging, the uncaring, the damn, the fusion of “the sweet and tikha” the crispy bhajjis, the fat enrollment, the hips do lie . All okay, if you suddenly convert to singular form.
The love is in the air , still.
Controlled, moving on types, counting every step.

A sudden meeting up?
” Hey, your new arm candy is too cute, man.”
The former player, now, embarrassed and under therapy manages a low key smile” Oh yeah. She is a delight”
Delight? Delightful momos served with that thick red chutney. Sure.
Love uninstalled,but googled every night.

Late into the night, as I lay , enjoying the escapades, I have a thought as a peek-a-boo. That I believe in relationships, in their power to fantasize, hypnotize and collide with the dull, chronological, monotonous and stereotype routine that one follows to be happy.

We need not chase them. It’s a happy flicker of the heart( don’t mistake it as an attack) and a snap of the soul. The right ones are a legacy to be transformed into interesting tales and transmitted to the next generation with moist eyes and modest pride. Inspiring and encouraging( for others to follow suit with due reverence and reference).

The not so right ones come across as a teaching lesson ending with a moral notice.” I told you, but you didn’t heed my advice”…..
Does it make any difference?
The heart falls for it..even the mightiest one. Golgappas without the tamarind water? Unthinkable.
Let the water source be from anywhere , but, I am sure to finish a few too soon, too quick.

Single or???( Mingle?)
The choice is yours.
Good wishes.

Shrabanti Ray
Shrabanti Ray

Shrabanti Ray is a teacher, trainer, facilitator, mentor, script writer, poet, thinker, and crafter, possessing about seven years of corporate experience and thirteen years in the educational sector. A progressive thinker who dwells on the art of life and the several strings of life that create music. Looking out of the window is a pastime that she relishes to seek an insight within. She believes in living life to the fullest as there is no second one.

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Aparna Posted on2:54 am - Apr 25, 2018

Shrabanti loved your take; the relationship smorgasbord is laid out before – now we have to take our pick.

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