Sirius – The Golden Retriever and what I learnt from him

Sirius – The Golden Retriever and what I learnt from him

Sirius – the Golden Retriever

Sirius – The Golden Retriever and what I learnt from him

“Mom, Dad, come fast, look what happened to Sirius” shouted my daughter. I could sense urgency & worry in her voice and took the  stairs and was in the cellar of my apartment in seconds.  I found that , my golden retriever dog ‘Sirius’ had passed lots of blood in his stool and my daughter was crying. Needless to say, in less than 30 minutes, I was at a Vet clinic. That was the first time, I realized that I was very much attached to Sirius. Thankfully,  it was just a case of acute infection. We were relieved when doctor assured us that there was no need to worry and  that two antibiotics would take care of it.

It all started almost  five years ago, when I got a call from my friend -..

“Sir, the pup is with me, can I bring it to your home?”  my friend  asked me over phone and I realized that I had reached the point of no return.  When I was young, I always wanted to have a dog as my pet, but, always postponed the decision due to responsibilities it involved.  However, due to some of the incidents (refer to my post “zindagi na milegi dobara” )  and my daughter’s and son’s repeated requests,  I succumbed to the pressure and started spreading the word that I was  looking out for a pup and that too a “golden retriever”.   Golden retriever  – The breed with a Golden heart.  Well, I didn’t know this at that time and came to know of it over a period of time.

When Sirius came into our house, my daughter, handed over a detailed time-table to me and my wife. The time-table had all the details on how my daughter and son would take care of Sirius, who will take him out for a walk, who will feed him, train him  etc. It was a  detailed time table indeed.  I noticed that not a single task was assigned to me and it brought smile on my face.    However, within one week, my children’s exams started and me and my wife were asked to take care of few things like taking Sirius out for a walk, feeding him so on and so forth.. We have been doing this duty since then, initially to relieve them from their work so that can concentrate on their studies, then out of compulsion and now because we love it..

It is more than five years since that incident happened.  During these 5 years  Sirius’s behavior made us laugh and cry. We realized that he is very possessive and felt insecure if we paid attention to small kids.

However, for me, personally, I learnt many things from Sirius.  I am a much better person than what I used to be before Sirius came into my life and I owe this to Sirius.

Few of the things which I learnt from him
  • I learnt to be more sensitive about others feelings. I learnt to pay attention to the body language of a person I am speaking to.  He(Sirius) somehow knows if anyone in family is not happy and tries to do his best to  cheer us up.
    On many occasions we noticed that, he will stay away from the  visitors who are afraid of Dogs. Whenever I am tensed up due to office pressure , he will sit next to me and look at me  as if he is saying “ok tell me what is the problem.. We both can handle it, you can handle it… “.
  • More importantly, however any one behaves with you, do what you need to do and that is, love them the way they are and assure them that you will be there for them. .  Every time. This tremendously helped me particularly while dealing with some of my close relatives.
  • One should see how Sirius greets every guests particularly those whom he knows. It is just amazing. He makes every guest feel special.  This is one more quality which I learnt from him.  Make every visitor, guest feel special so that they would like to visit my place again. This quality helped me a lot in interacting with guests at my hotel.


Today, my attachment to Sirius is even more. When I was in school, I read Will Rogers famous quote on dog ” If there are no DOGs in heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went”. That time I thought he was one crazy guy… but today, I understand him.

As I am writing down my thoughts, Sirius is lying down next to my chair.

I pray to God, that even after 10 years (they say big breed dogs live only 12/13 years but there are exceptions) Sirius will be still around..  while I am reading my favorite  book,   sitting  in the Balcony of my house…  lying down next to my chair with his head between his front legs .. his eyes closed, sleeping yet alert to respond to any threat and then occasionally raising his head , checking if I am still  there , with a question in his eyes..” Is everything okay?”, and then wagging his tail before closing his eyes again and resting his head between his front leg.

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