Spiritual Nature of Relationships

Spiritual Nature of Relationships

Spiritual Nature of Relationships


If you’re a believer in re-birth or karma, and believe things happen for a reason, you wouldn’t be surprised that the most important relationships you have around you – spouse, parents, kids, friends, relatives, and enemies too, may not be new to you per se. Chances are that they have been carried forward from a previous birth with perhaps an agenda too.

If you don’t fancy the idea, then it is difficult to explain why you have those relationships around you, except leaving it to ‘chance’. And then you’d have to forego the notion of a more elegant and grandiose plan around your life. If you’d rather have the notion that this life is an accident, and have science explain everything around you, reading further should be very amusing for you. Why not take the ‘chance’, and just enjoy the point of view?

The agenda could be paying back, learning from you, teaching you, helping you or harassing you. Now, that explains why your boss behaves the way he/ she does. What’s the chance you were their boss the last time around, and well, you did the same things? Or wonder if he’d report to you the next time around. Now that thought should comfort some.

The plan would’ve been pre-determined even before your birth and possibly even theirs. The plan would’ve received your consent out of your own free-will and designed entirely by none other than yourself. Chances are you would’ve set a clear goal for yourself in this lifetime and have put in place certain constraints and guide systems to ensure you don’t deviate from your goal.

The goal, itself could be a progressive one, that could lead to a union in a certain number of steps (read lifetimes), and those steps could be lowered or escalators taken, depending on what you’d do with your time, this time around.

What that doesn’t mean is you can’t exercise your own will on your life and that everything happens due to destiny. You could ofcourse choose to do whatever you’d like with your time and life, however, if that’s against the grain of the plan you had designed before your birth, your actions don’t fructify, it doesn’t produce optimum results or ends up frustrating you. So, if you’re asking questions like ‘Why does this always happen to me?’ OR ‘Why these never-ending hardships?’, chances are you’re working against the flow of life force and the constraints you placed to ensure you’re on the right path, are working. The sooner you realize, learn and choose your true path, the faster these hardships disappear for you. On the other hand, the tough times and circumstances will persist until you course correct, as these arise in the first place to, believe it or not, help you!

If you choose to go along with the grain, well, then you’d notice there’s that harmony that sets in, you’d begin to enjoy life, you’d smile more often, be happier and be of help to others.

The people we have around us and the carefully cultivated relationships are related to the ‘purpose’ – either to drive it or create hindrances. The best support systems you’d have egg you on to move forward to your purpose – and that may include your Teachers/ Gurus, spiritually awakened souls, your circumstances and sometimes even your enemies. Interestingly, sometimes your most loved ones may cause hindrances on the path towards your true purpose, through their attachments and fears, their experiences and failures, their own personal attachments and motives.

If marriages are made in heaven, we may as well have chosen our immediate family and close friends too. The question is: have we chosen our guru?

GururBrahma GururVishnu GururDevo Maheshwaraha

Guru Saakshaat ParaBrahma Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha


Guru is the Creator (Brahma), Guru is the Preserver(Vishnu), GuruDeva is Destroyer(Maheshwara)

Guru is the absolute (singular) Lord himself, Salutations to that Sri Guru

If the role of the Guru is such in your life, and if he/ she’s the only one that can truly guide you on your purpose and more importantly help you find yours, shouldn’t you be looking for your Guru? Isn’t that the most important relationship you’d need each time you’re born?

And where and how do you look for your Guru? If you’re thinking ‘online’, you may have to first understand who a Guru is.

Most would say “when a pupil is ready, the master appears”, which is true. However, the readiness here doesn’t refer to admissions or fee, but for the deep pining you have to find a Guru. The insatiable thirst you have for knowledge and the sincere longing to be guided along the way.

And how do you know he/ she is your Guru. Well, it should suffice to know that when you find the right Guru, you’d know, coz in all likelihood you’d not be meeting your Guru for the first time too. You’d feel the inexplicable sense of joy, calm and peace when you’re with your Guru and that’s the bearing, in a way.

And the Guru, will know whether to accept you as a disciple or not. Let’s say Guru’s have the knack of finding who is meant to walk their path. Well, that is why they are Guru’s in the first place. So technically, you don’t choose your Guru, he chooses to guide you when the time is right. You can only make the right time come quickly, by your earnest search for truth.

But of course, given the times that we live in, it is also important to not seek out the wrong ones. If your Guru doesn’t inspire you, help you progress on the path towards your goal OR expects materialistic favours, you’re probably in the company of the wrong one. Also, got to be wary of the ones who claim they’re perfect while every other Guru is not. One needs to remember, that an enlightened Guru doesn’t feel the need to demonstrate his powers or perform miracles to please people.

Wish you find your Guru, and make the most of your journey while you’re around.

– Ninja


About the Author:

Ninja is the pen name of Niranjan Rao Reddyshetty, who is a Dreamer and a Writer. He writes poems, songs and stories when they dawn upon him. He spends time with his family and runs his startup, the rest of the time.



Ninja is the pen name of Niranjan Rao Reddyshetty, who is a Dreamer and a Writer. He writes poems, songs and stories when they dawn upon him. He spends time with his family and runs his startup, the rest of the time.

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