Miles to go !! Wear Smiles on the go!!
Miles will not seem long with smiles on the go!

Life is full of tests like in a game
Play it well and get the trophies u

Smile while u take the test
Wear your winning attitude and in almighty leave the rest!!

With zest, look forward to solve
While at it, trust the almighty and yourself, with will to resolve!!

Once during a difficult tide, when i was blue and sad
a Little bird asked me why with a frown I am clad?
I poured my heart out and cursed my fate
Alas, all of the Little bird’s consoling words didn’t satiate !!

But one innocent question to me, the bird laid
Asking me why I am so down and staid
And when life is throwing lemons
Are you not to jump and catch them to make lemonade?

Something in me, squirmed within
Shook me up and lit my face with a new found grin!
I gathered all my tools and held up my chin
I now knew my way to win !!

It dawned on me that
Almighty now had deemed me fit
And promoted me to the next level
So, equipped with a smile and grit
I set out on to my next stint
Focused to claim my share of life’s gift !!

For Problems seemingly big or small
Dear friend, fret you not!
Know that you are able and blessed
to untie and resolve life’s knot!
ONLY then, would Almighty put you in that spot !!

Just wear your smile and work on with grit
You will find your inner MAGIC and feel your spirits UP and LIT !!!

……Usha Rani