The Profanity of Corruption

The Profanity of Corruption

The Profanity of Corruption
“The fear of being different,

Prevents most people

From seeking new ways

To solve problems”.


CORRUPTION!: A devilish word in itself. A general meaning of the word corruption in peoples mind is ‘the use of unethical ways to gain advantage for one’s own self. But are we even aware that we as individuals begin our life journey with corruption itself? We ourselves start corruption from the root level itself, and slowly but gradually it branches out in a huge tree and starts spreading out in all areas of our life like a pest encroaching our house.

Corruption has made its existence present since the birth of mankind. More than corruption existing in the ‘ACT’ itself, it first exists in our human minds. We start getting corrupt and in turn also unknowingly or knowingly corrupt our generation next from the start of our lives and their lives itself. Either we are bribed or we maybe innocently though, try to bribe our generation next to the trivial things in our daily lives even if there are no pressing needs to do so. Say for example if a small child is reluctant to do his/her homework, we try to bribe the child with small gifts or incentives with the intent that he/she will do the homework so that they are not on our backs or bother us further.

We sometimes bribe our staff to do particular odd jobs by either paying them extra or giving them a day off. Have we even wondered how effortlessly and regularly at salons, gas stations, hotels, restaurants and innumerable other places in the bargain to get better services and privileges? We even go to the extent of tipping government officials in government offices ranging from the lowest rung to the highest rung without the slightest hesitation to get our official work done quickly and effortlessly.

We don’t stop here also. We go ahead and indirectly bribe even an auto or a cab driver by sometimes offering them double the amount above the normal fare and we shamelessly jump the auto or the cab queue just to buy ourselves a minuscule physical or emotional comfort.

And believe me, the above list is ENDLESS.

So are the above things mentioned a form of corruption or a simple way of life according ‘TO US’ and ‘FOR US’ so that we can enjoy the realms of a comfortable life we think we are entitled to our own selves in our own minds?

We as common people, generally blame and label politicians, corporates, film stars, sports personalities, high profile individuals as CORRUPT. We think that they perform all kind of nefarious activities in the bid to be rich and famous. But don’t we do the same, maybe at our own levels and within our own capacities. Does corruption only mean bribery, debauchery, nepotism, unfairness, illicitness, wrongdoing only at the higher level of the human hierarchy, not at the lower levels? Doesn’t corruption exist in the meaning of HONESTY and AUTHENTICITY?

Have we even bothered to question ourselves that are we even honest and authentic in our own words and actions or do we normally tend to put the blame game on the highest levels of hierarchy? Do we even think once before shouting the word CORRUPTION when smaller elements of this taboo word are creeping and crawling in our mindset?

Have we ever thought why should we bribe the small child to do his/her homework? Are we really bribing the child to do the work or are we bribing to shun our own responsibilities to soak in our comfort bubble? Are we not the ones who are molding and corrupting the generation next’s mind.  Are we not the ones who are pushing and imprinting the generation next’s thought process to practice dishonesty and unfairness in the future.

Miniscully, but aren’t we the ones driving the nation towards corruption and bribery by committing those little innocent treacheries. Where do we gauge ourselves in comparison to the corrupt politicians, sports personalities, film stars, high profile individuals?

AS SAINTS. What an irony.

According to me, instead of being moral guardians, we should start to ‘TRY PRACTICING’ the word honesty and authenticity in our lives and gradually make it a way of our lives. ‘Blame game’ is not the solution but ‘self-tame game’ is worth the shot!

“When plunder becomes a way of life for the people in the society,

Over the course of time they create for themselves

A legal system that authorizes it and  

A Moral code that glorifies it.”

So are we COMMITTING, to be honest and authentic to ourselves and towards the society henceforth? Are we in the PLEDGE MODE to eradicate corruption from our minds and actions first and then filtering it out from our society and our nation?

Can we even commit to starting the self ‘DE-CORRUPTION MOVEMENT’? If yes, then we can take the first step towards action by writing down a small ‘DISCOVER YOURSELF’ note below. All we need to do is jot down at least 5 self-honest commitments to de-corrupt our thought process.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s just do it!

  1. ________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________
  4. ________________________________________________
  5. ________________________________________________
Jigna Tanna
Jigna Tanna

Jigna Tanna is construction entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, change catalyst and performance strategist. With her strong back ground in behavioral sciences and using her skills as an entrepreneur, she is able to dissect the complex.

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Nandini Rao
Nandini Rao Posted on10:23 am - Apr 3, 2018

Good one! Yes. What you touched upon is so important. The need to de corrupt ourselves is more than de corrupting anything else/anyone else!

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