To Make or Break

To Make or Break

To Make or Break

Nothing comes free in life.To fall into a relationship is easy , but to sustain it , requires lot of discipline , commitments and dedication.

Yes, Its true….be it your parents, friends, children or husband.

Nowadays everyone talks about COMPATIBILITY…
“We broke up, because there is no compatibility”.

WOW….What an excuse !

Little do the present generation realise that they have to invest their time, their presence and shelve their egos to make a relationship work . Ha…ha….Nothing comes easy in life.

Same with Parents too… At times ( most of the time, I would say) they do force their children to study or to do something which they are not interested.
Dont force your children to become something in life which you have not achieved…
Each child has talent in a particular field, encourage and develop that talent.

Children see you and learn from you…So don’t preach them…Show it in your behavioral actions.

To name a few:

1)Spend quality time with your kids ( even if you come late from the office)

2)Dont fight in front of ur child…No marriage is bliss.It requires lot of patience, adjustments and tolerance to make a marriage successful.

3) Never talk to ur child negative things about his/her dad …”Your dad is like that…I know him for so..long”
BECAUSE….No one is born perfect.

4)Men are bound to be busy from 30 years to 45 years…They want to settle down in life ..Just because they dont spend time with your kids,and you dont crib.(And stress levels are too high during these periods for men..they wait for promotions , has to tackle adolescent kids, want to work hard and make money …Also, this is the time they get all life style related diseases)

If this is the case of men, for women its different.They suddenly feel a void in their life once children gets married and settled…

No problem ladies…Cultivate a hobby..(It could be painting,drawing,singing,reading books,cooking,learning a foreign language, going to a gym etc). Be happy that now you could spend time for yourself. Take time now to love yourself…

If your husband reaches home late from office, NO WORRIES..
Prepare his favourite dish and surprise him .
As men grow older, they become dependent to their wives more compared to their younger days.

Also, dont compare your life with others…
YES…The other side of the grass always looks green.

Today’s life had become a cat race…If we slow down, the others will go ahead in race..

Its ok….Learn to Let Go….Spend enough time with your children and quality time with your husband ( they may be coming late from office because of their work pressure and position and you
have less time with them ?)

Whatever little time you can spend with your husband, don’t end up fighting. ..

For men…
Learn to appreciate small things that your wife does..
Say “I love you” to her when she least expect it.
Your wife don’t expect expensive gifts from you…she only needs your time.Value that in life.
If she has done something wrong, forget and forgive her immediately. ( Who don’t do mistakes?)
Don’t put your EGO infront of her.Rather shower her with lots of love and affection .

As it is said…

“You can’t have a Perfect Life…
You can always lead a Happy Life…”

Strange but True.



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Shrabanti Ray
Shrabanti Ray Posted on8:21 am - Apr 26, 2018

Care and compassion are the key words in a relationship. Press the ego button and we are likely to be ditched.
Freedom brings in a gamut of feelings when we let children pursue their interests.
I adored the feelings of warmth for the spouse.
Nice…blends hope and light in this racing times.

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