Relationships and Trifles of Time

Relationships and Trifles of Time

Relationships and Trifles of Time

She opened her bleary eyes when the cat, all seven pounds of squirming flesh, climbed on to her belly.  Squinting into the sunlight streaming in from the open window, she discovered that she was now the weary professor of a pounding headache, and at some point, had managed to lose the both a tooth and a spouse.

Bala, the cat is Meera’s only companion now.  Meera pours out all her love when Bala makes it to her room through a small hole in window glass, intentionally made for her so that she enjoys her eatables even when Meera is not around.

Meera is a professor in business communication but believes in teaching how to handle corporate politics and exercise emotional intelligence.  Though she is living her dream of being with the youth and carving their minds for excellence but far at the back of her emotional self, she misses her son Pranav who is now into his graduation years.  She wishes to meet him, hug him and fill her eyes with the sight of his face.

Pranav doesn’t want to see his mother for he blames her for not being empathetic enough towards his father Jayant who did away with his life after leaving a note in which he blamed Meera for making his life miserable.

Meera doesn’t want to prove anything to her son because she strongly believes in Karma.  She believes that if God could bring her to it, He would bring her through it.  She is patient with herself for testing her own faith.

While all the thoughts of good times swept her mind, she kept gazing through the window which holds the view of several banana and papaya trees, her only refuge from disturbing thoughts.  God has been kind to give her sufficient strength for sailing through unknown waters of life.

Bala made a “Mew” sound and Meera came back to senses and realized that it was a weekend.  It’s summer time and she wants to spend her weekend at a bird park.  She gets ready and grabs her diary to jot down her thoughts about the life she spent so far.  It helps her write inspirational articles for women in distress.

Over the years, she had myriad experiences with foibles of human conditions.  Her husband whom she met at her college when she was young, was like an angel to her and soon with events following marriage, his demon self would take over at times and make him a violent beast.  He would show no remorse but would victimize himself and gain sympathy of his parents who had been against their marriage.  Jayant was living a life wherein he was yearning love of his own parents and in the process, humiliating Meera in front of them seemed a good option.  He couldn’t gauge that Meera was getting confined in her thoughts and destructive emotions which would erupt like a volcano.  Pranav was very small and would never witness any fight between parents.  He was a happy child always.

Meera tried hard to deal with the uncommon attitude of Jayant.  She was equally intellectual but he would call her a “Zero.”  Her in laws would never miss an opportunity to humiliate her in family gatherings.  Meera would chew and swallow everything and erupt at home which would invite violence of her husband.

It took her a great deal of time to understand how her father in law would put Jayant to test by attaching a condition to his love for him.  Things unfolded gradually when this beautiful loving relationship was falling apart by sheer negligence of a simple need of respect for spouse.  Meera understood that the only way to free herself from such emotional clutch was to first gain freedom in her mind.  She learned ways of giving evidences of success to her brain which made a huge difference to her perspective about life.

When people live together, some arguments take place which should not be dragged for long but if it involves violence and bully, it needs to be dealt with strong warnings and actions.

Though Jayant was known for his level headedness in his organisation and friend circle, he would turn violent with his spouse and kid at times with physical consequences.  Though his approach at home was evidential enough for a treatment which he needed but as usual he would blame his short temper on Meera.

Years went by, Meera had changed, she became busier with self -development so that the unnecessary trifles don’t take away her focus.  Her book was about to release when Jayant started a new tactic.  He started being violent with little Pranav which disturbed her mind.  The little argument turned violent.  Meera left home only to return after she was calm but to the shock of her life, she entered home only to find that Jayant had committed suicide after Pranav had slept for a mid- day nap.  It was a summer weekend.  She found a note in his hands wherein he blamed her.  Pranav soon grew cold towards Meera as her in laws infused this into his mind after Meera was arrested for trial.

Weekends haunt her as it reminds her how fertile plains of life changed into snow clad treacherous mountains.

Prayers are the only way to instill patience and pass days with dignity.  Her court trials left her shaken as more details about Jayant’s physical and mental health surfaced.  He was schizophrenic which never occurred to her.  She was always at a loss to think that how come a small trifle would shape into dangerous explosives.

Pranav might take time to understand the depth of Meera’s misery into emotions but she must wait till her karmic suffering accelerates her process of liberation.

Meera is now a best seller author, a professor and an entrepreneur but she still has lot more to explore into people’s lives and make her wisdom notes for future generations.


Sulekha Chandra
Sulekha Chandra

Sulekha Chandra is a Youth Mentor | Creative/Content Writer, Editor and Reviewer | Author Interviewer Entrepreneur | T&D Professional HR Professional. She is the Founder of Gyan Paradise and her mission is to empower One Lakh Graduation students across nation with industry skills and knowledge. She is an up-coming author, writes for International HR Magazine and various other platforms as well. She believes that if we stand in contribution, everything follows.

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Meenakshi Raina Posted on3:25 pm - Apr 14, 2018

Beautiful story about the life struggles of the bold Meera.
Her self development is the result that she dealt with the ill attitude of Jayant.
Meera’s story is an inspiration and also a must read for all.
Sulekha, the way you started this story was unique & then the curiosity level at the mid way yet the end was superb…
Well done????

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