Wanted you to hug me

when I was emotional and nervous

You raised your voice and made me jittery

Wanted you to care for me

when I was ill

You chose to neglect and made me feel worse

Wanted you to listen

when I had so much to say

You didn’t spare your time and it left me stilled

Wanted you to perceive

when I ran out of words

You stole my words and made me tremble

Wanted you to be there

when I needed you

You abandoned and left me bereft

Wanted you to love me

for who I was

You chose not to notice and made me suffer

Wanted you to kiss me

when I behaved like a child

You taunted and tainted the child in me

Wanted you to protect me

when I felt insecure

You threw me to the winds and left me vulnerable

Wanted you to be proud of me

when I succeeded

You felt envious instead and trampled all over my dreams

Wanted you to be compassionate

when I was faltered

Your violent outbursts made me feel I was a felon

Wanted you to be a friend

to share everything with you

You became an adversary and killed my soul

Wanted you to encourage

when I was feeling low

You confused me and left me devoid of convictions

Wanted you to be gentle

when my monthly cycle was on

You overlooked my discomfort and made me feel agonized 

Wanted you to appreciate 

and please me

You put me down with your words and your intent

Wanted you to hold my hand when we were out 

and to be proud of me

You stayed aloof and made me feel unwanted

Wanted you to value my emotions

and make me feel complete

You stepped on my feelings and made me feel worthless

Wanted you to be mine forever to respect all our vows

You hoaxed and throttle our bond

Will you ever be able to tell me

where did I go so very wrong?