Oh dear war! Why are you so?
Whore Anger Roar
You make us scare
Raze with despair.

You not so, I know
Enveloped over peace
So ferocious is your clatter
Please change to better.

Such destruction, such great losses
Why not for once reason?
Dear, be Winning All Rationally
Then metamorphosed to loyalty!

By – Mrs. Bharul R. Chhatbar

Bharul Chhatbar
Bharul Chhatbar

Bharul Chhatbar. Is interested in writing poetry.She believe to do a bit for people through her words. Day to day events,love & passion & positive vibes influence her. She believes to convey & connect through her poetries, but,tries to remain low profile.

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Yadvendra Jadon Posted on9:20 am - Apr 15, 2018

Keep penning.

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