It stands strong over the deep waters of the sea beckoning believers. White in its own peaceful glory, the Haji Ali dargah is adorned with an aura of well-being that plays its charm over me every time. Neither the lashing waters of the dark sea nor the low-hanging gloomy clouds have been able to diminish its charm. The waters of the Arabian Sea rises every tide to kiss the dargah. But all it can reach is the threshold of the serene shrine.

Mesmerized, I step onto those black rocks that lead to this temple of peace. All along, hawkers scream out advertising their wares, food sellers wash utensils in the dark waters lashing below, parents call out to their children to beware of the water’s edge, beggars cry out for alms, kids reason with their families of the need of a particular toy from a make-shift shop….

But all these sounds fade away… fade into a distance of nothingness as the Sufi singers drown in the glory of that all-pervasive power, beckoning me to join them in their oneness with that Holy Being – a God who has no form… a God who is just a power that radiates all around. A God that I connect with.