Everyone finds it easier to have an opinion nowadays, sometimes even be courageous enough to voice it, for what though? Do we actually care? Or we just want more views / likes on our social media page…

The real influencers out there need to be able to talk about the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons. Can we not address the real problems of this nation without having to pick sides? Can we not have unbiased journalism (which is struggling to stay alive in this country) supported from the remaining ever diminishing intelligent crowd out there? One of the biggest problems our country faces is corruption. In some ways it is so very blatant and easily accepted by us it no longer seems an evil, it just flourishes. A legacy left behind by the administrators of the Queen.  Can we not do something against it rather than just talk, write, complain?

Even if we do want to complain about it, how many of us actually land up going ahead and reporting any form of corruption to the dedicated hotlines / website / local police station? We are getting complacent. We need more voices to rise. We need the vitality and the vigor of youth. Alas, our youth has succumbed to the tentacles of the subtle art of corrupt practices. The generation I see now getting ready to face the world, twenty three to twenty five years of age in many places around the country are absolutely ill equipped to deal with corruption, rather they welcome it. Everyone prefers the short cut. I say to hell with it. We need to indoctrinate these values in our youth at an earlier age. However the sad part being, we teach them the very beginning of it, by bribing them. For doing their homework, their chores, for them to behave well in front of guests / relatives, for them to perform an art form they pursue, for them to achieve good grades in school first and college after ! All along while in school and college the richer and influential parents always manage to get preferential treatment for their offspring, which not only creates an unchallenging environment, it creates a painful mark in some of the lesser privileged minds. This makes the matters worse.

We need to deal with this problem at the root level which is the communal mentality of our society’s collective consciousness. We need for everyone to acknowledge the right from the wrong and detest the latter. Speak up, speak out but more than just spitting out social media #tags, do something meaningful about it. Write to your favourite newspaper editor, email your most watched talk show host, raise issues with your local civic bodies and claim your civic rights as an Indian!

Do it with passion. Let us strive towards creating awareness rather than shamelessly and carelessly allowing under the table and back door deals. It may take a while and consume your energy, nevertheless, eventually it will give the necessary results. Many countries have dealt and controlled corruption, and so can we.

Neeta Bheda / Anish Bheda

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