Dream for Dawn!

Dream for Dawn!

Dream for Dawn!


Time to pen down my dream again,

A dream! Beautiful and stretch of happy moments,

A story telling dream,

Story of courage; tale of sacrifice,

A dream of a life,

Your life! Part of your life shared with me,

Until my dream gets broken,

Unto my realization of truth,

Truth of death that succor you

During the period of bedridden body;


Sorry mother, I can’t write more than this for today.  But I will continue to write about you, everyday. You are engraved inside my brain, you know! Therefore I can’t deny you. I fight with entire world the way you teach me to fight. I use my weapons that given by you. You will be happy to see me because I am still growing, earning day by day the strength to win the world. Please mother stay calm in heaven as I know you are not in peace leaving me alone on the earth. Though I wish your returning to my life again, I don’t ignore the law of nature. You are far now, very far from me, with a promise to never come back. Sigh!

Who told you that I will not come again? Suddenly Jeni felt a touch on her shoulder. When she turns back, she sees her mother standing in front of her, smiling at her. Oh mother, how come? How can you be in? Mother; are you real? Jeni frowned in shock. She touches her mother and feels the solidity of her body as usual. She got stunned to see her mother alive. Ma, if you are not dead, then all those years where was you? How did you pass your time without me? I am told that you are dead because I was holding your dead body and crying that day.

Laughingly, mother says, who told you that I will not come again? And so many questions at a time? How will I answer?

Why can’t I come? You are here only. You have enough time to answer me. Let’s pass the night with your story, Ma. Will you tell me that suddenly why have you have gone?

Oh that’s great. I will also enjoy my time with you. Let’s talk some mother daughter stuff.

“Ma, I am still thinking; from where you came out at this time? I hope I am not dreaming. Is this all real ?.” Jeni asked to her mother.

“My child, I am not false. I am your mother. I can’t cheat you. I am alive. The world outside is telling lies to you. They can’t understand our relationship. I get strength from you.” Mother replied.

And I get from you, right mother? Jeni reciprocate.

Yes, no doubt. Let me see what were you writing on me? May I?

“Oh; yes ma, of course. My poems are for you only. You are the source of my inspiration. See my new writing, I wrote yesterday night, after a sudden wake up from a dream.”Jeni finishes her words in hurry.

Mother tries to read the lines –


Like the stars of the sky,

Sun and moon of the day and night,

Mother, no more noise, no more to lie,

You there to complete my world,

Then I feel silence; empty everywhere why?





Be there in my dream every night I see,

And don’t leave me before the first light I see

As the crucial day ahead of me,

An infinite sky and its wings; so I want to be!



“Oh, that is a fine piece of writing. I can see your ambition. I want you my daughter  to fly like a free bird crossing every height. You can dear. Don’t stop but keep going. One day you will get your destiny and will release me from my duty. Till then I need to travel.” Mother exclaimed!


“Mother; what are you saying? Where are you going? This time I will not allow you to leave me.” Jeni said the words in panic mood.


“No, No, I am not going anywhere. Even if I want to be, your brain is very strong like Einstein; you would capture me and lock me in your words, in your dreams and in your works.” Mother replied.


“What do you mean?” Jeni surprisingly and interrogatively say the words.


I meant, I could see that you have become what I have dreamt about you. You are disciplined and strong. You work like a woman, a bold woman. You are far better in management than me. I managed house, your father, your siblings, your grand- parents etc. you manage all including your official affairs.” Mother uttered the words in an unknown pleasure which reflected in her shining eyes and the smile.


“Ma, you forgot to mention that you taught me all what I am doing now. So you can’t be lesser then me in any way. You suffered for nine months for me, which I don’t have for you. You protected me inside the womb and outside the womb. You got? I don’t know about others nor do I feel I need to be. Because, you fulfill my every needs despite the fluctuation of time and space like a perfect art, like a perfect poem and so on. Hey, see ma, words are coming …let me note down unless I will forget if I ….I..”  Jenny suddenly stopped. Am I sleeping, dreaming? Mother; mother! Jeni calls her mother but no reply comes. Silent; total silent in the dark room and she jumped off her bed.  She switches on the light and finds her papers scattered everywhere in the room.


Jeny collects the papers and seats to write down the words that she was to write in her dream.




Time to pen down my dream again,

A dream! That leaves painful words to my dawn,

A story telling dream,

Story of our secret meeting,

Like the one we had,

When I was inside your womb,

No outsiders know, what we talk,

What we share,

Right mother!

Hope you are still replying me,

From the shadow of my mind, my knowledge; my work,

I could feel now that,

Could hear you from my inner self,

Yes, you said truth; as you are alive in me only.

World outside the womb lied to me

You can’t detach from me,

Never and ever had you tried to be!



She sits for a while in silence. Meandering in her thoughts, astounded Jeni is trying to grasp what has just happened with her. She tells herself,” really to become a mother like you, mother it is not an easy task. I salute you. I acclaim that I feel proud to be your daughter. The struggle you gone through is a treat of knowledge for me.

Moreover your personal pain, which in my later age, I tried to churn to get as much as I can, solution to some woman problems. Mother I am writing another page of my diary asking every daughter to make friendship with their mother to achieve what I have being your daughter. Missing your presence but I know you are alive in me. Love you mother, love you.


Suddenly a gust of wind blows as the loose ends of window drapes off. Jeni smiles; I received your response mother. Please do come tomorrow night again. I am ready to dream for you, for my future, for my new dawn. A thin ray of smiling sun beaming through my window!



Nitusmita Saikia
Nitusmita Saikia

By profession, an instructor in National Cadet Corps, Nitusmita writes both in English and in her regional language (Assamese).She has been writing poetry for E –magazines like FM Online Magazine since last two years. Her poems have been published in various anthologies under, WWW.Realisticpoetry.Com “why Poetry Matters” under Ardus Publication Germany, “A Bouquet of Verse, volume-2” “A Divine Madness, An Anthology of Modern Love Poetry volume 3, volume 5”, Anthology “Symphony of Peace “under 10thIPF JKC College Guntur, India , regional anthology ‘HazarKobirSapun’

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Aparna Posted on7:02 am - May 19, 2018

every child wants to be connected to their mother forever!

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