Mom: My Life Coach

Mom: My Life Coach

As a kid, I was mostly quiet and not very expressive. A plethora of thoughts plagued my tender mind. However, thoughts never found words, and a lot remained unspoken. There was this one person, who genuinely wanted to listen to me, who was concerned about what was troubling me, who just wanted to ensure I was okay. Who is this dynamic and graceful lady?

It’s my Life Coach, my Mom.

She would draw me out of my shell by asking “Which poem are you writing these days”(I loved writing poetry in Hindi). She knew how to catch my attention, make me comfortable and then I would start talking. She cooked my comfort foods be it Rajma Chawal or Gajar Ka Halwa. Till date, whether I am immersed in work or I achieve something or I experience a failure, her main concern is whether I have had my food and if I am okay. To her, my well being is of paramount importance, only then comes my success or failure.

We may be students, business owners, corporate leaders, working professionals, CXOs, coaches or trainers, but for our mother, we are just her children. She has the one thing to bestow upon us: Unconditional Love. Sometimes we get irritated or we don’t pick up her call or even take the effort to make one. We get so busy in our daily lives, our children, our career that we tend to miss out on the person who is the reason for our existence, Our Mother.

The intent is not to make you feel guilty. Don’t judge yourself. You are trying to balance your life in every way possible. Think about the people who have lost their mothers recently or at an early age. That void cannot be filled. Value the treasure that you have. The time is NOW.

“We are born of love; Love is our mother.”- Rumi

We make our daily roster, our schedule. To start with, designate 30 minutes a day for the special person in your life: Mom. Then, we may not need a day dedicated to her and every day will be “Mother’s Day”. The first response may be “That’s too much, 30 minutes”. Close your eyes and ask yourself “Is it?”.

Make Gratitude a way of life. If there are unresolved issues with your parents, take the first step to sort it out. Avoid doing things for parents because you owe it to them or because it is your duty. Make them feel special, take them out for shopping or to a place they are nostalgic about or gift a handwritten note. Express your genuine concern and love. Unconditional Love.

At home, each day is an opportunity to care for each other by writing Thank You notes, taking small positive actions, chilling out together, communicating words of encouragement, and sometimes by just asking “How has your day been?”

It’s a Beautiful Life 🙂

Rajat Soni
Rajat Soni

Rajat Soni is a globally Certified Teen Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, helping teenagers channelize their energy in the positive direction. He has assisted his clients in overcoming shyness and social anxiety, self-esteem concerns, learning difficulty and lack of motivation by enabling a strategic goal-setting process for them. Writing liberates him,connects him to his inner self and also provides him an opportunity to make a difference in the life of others. He is a published author and also has a blog.For more info please visit

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Meenakshi Raina Posted on9:49 am - Jun 13, 2018

Totally agree with your words @ Rajat Soni. Parent’s are a blessing from Almighty, especially, our Moms. We owe them our existence.

Wonderful article.

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