Despair. Pic courtesy

She left the door ajar;
No faineance this, or a lapse by her.
Thoughts in her mind, very clear;
she just had nothing to fear

Nothing of value was left,
for her to worry of theft.
The classes had worn her out,
Now, there is no protest or a shout.

Her honor and her virtue,
gone with everything considered true.
What remains in her can’t be taken.
Courage, hope, faith unshaken.

Who could come now, and what could they seek?
Calamity had run its course, and did eke.
She does long to see somone though,
who she met a long while ago

She didn’t want the knock;
waits for the noble lady to walk
in through the open door;
she waited till her eyes were sore.

The lady did keep the promise.
Where she’d tread, there’d be bliss;
Fortuna, the goddess, she was,
who set all things right, Alas!


– Ninja


About the Author:

Ninja is the pen name of Niranjan Rao Reddyshetty, who is a Dreamer and a Writer. He writes poems, songs and stories when they dawn upon him. He spends time with his family and runs his startup, the rest of the time.