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May 2018

Monochrome !

Never let me emerge, out of the dark, Illusive silvery light now I , Emit lusterless thoughts nothingness! The homely filth! And there my breath pukes​ nectar of undone past , A monochrome of entrapped future, Under the veil of… Continue Reading →


  She scream me, she yell me, Ahhh!!! her voice disrupt me. Believe in you she teaches, But she never believe me. Her secret finger touches my hair. Her whispering breath, Kisses my forehead. Love of her heart Touches my… Continue Reading →

When I was a little girl….

  The first distinct memories of my life are a big family and lots and lots of food. My household always had a variety of aromas to smell, flavors to taste , colors to see, and a constant almost musical… Continue Reading →

Who will feed me!!!

By Arbind Kumar Dining table was set on for lunch and all members of the family moved on except Anushka Honey, a five year girl. Mummy, elder sister and Ashu took his chair. Long and beautiful table is filled with delicious… Continue Reading →

Relationship Change

“Man is a social animal”. This is what we were told quite early in our school, which is very true. However many animals too are social and live under a relationship with each other in groups of family or herds… Continue Reading →


                                                                            The role… Continue Reading →

Isn’t life Perches on relationships ?!!

Quiet yet many nimble feelings with in the heart and soul finiteness gives deep impact on the physical and mental well-being of any human. without any second thought it’s our relationship with the world and world’s relationship with us describes… Continue Reading →

Nadir of Despair

She left the door ajar; No faineance this, or a lapse by her. Thoughts in her mind, very clear; she just had nothing to fear Nothing of value was left, for her to worry of theft. The classes had worn… Continue Reading →


GO TO  GOA—–GO TO GOD Lollapalooza !! The rustic there exhaled the scent of mystic. The moment my feet touched that terra firma , the profundity of the lines “ You may write me down in history with your bitter… Continue Reading →

Everyone finds it easier to have an opinion nowadays, sometimes even be courageous enough to voice it, for what though? Do we actually care? Or we just want more views / likes on our social media page… The real influencers… Continue Reading →

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