Bare hands and heavy hearts
Dwell sacredly in every art
The filth that you have woven inside
Is living like weed in an empty mind
Remember what is yours is untouched and shared many times in a Biblical rhyme
There is more to you what you can even think of in the darkest times
For that is not apparently in the vicinity of the naked eyes
Believe me its unreal what we even see and hear
Truth is hard and even not what is always is
Its like a turbulence, a sudden jolt
When an experience of being you becomes profound
There will be nothing that will live as truly as
An image of being one with your spirit
That cannot be comprehend
Waving to the dawn is more alive
It is something that adds life to life
Carry the wounds on your sleeves with pride
For at the end what is left is what you gave away with a smile.