Who will feed me!!!

Who will feed me!!!

Who will feed me!!!

By Arbind Kumar

Dining table was set on for lunch and all members of the family moved on except Anushka Honey, a five year girl. Mummy, elder sister and Ashu took his chair. Long and beautiful table is filled with delicious items. But by rule of the house, no one can start taking meal until all members of the family does not take seat. Habitually, Anushka takes time to get on the table. After long wait of 10 minute, she came with inquisitive mind to inquire what was special to eat. She counted and was almost seven items and series of spoons were set in five small square boxes having salt, chilly paper and there types of pickles.

‘Wow, so sweet and I love to eat onion and potato chips’, excited Anushka Honey said.

Mother said,’ I have made these for you both and I too love to make these because these are healthy and delicious. You papa too love to have these items.’

‘Yes Amma, you make tasty and delicious items and we miss these items when we are out to our school.’ Ananya added, an elder sister of Honey.

Ananya is sixth class student with some reserved nature. She fares well in school and concentrates on her subjects as well. No other student in her class is better than her. She enjoys choice of her delicious food and any one can read sense of satisfaction on her face.

Round table has eight chairs and four is set apart because only four are routinely used. Honey is mouth-motor; she asked frequently one question after another. She narrated her ordeal in the park while she was playing in the dream.

She said with broad eyes open, ‘Mother, you know I saw a troll was walking in our colony; he picked up one of my friend and flew away in the sky. In the way to his house in the air, he loudly spoke up, this is beautiful girl and children of my colony would be happy to have this.’

He said, if you allow me to play with you, I would set free your friend. I am sports fathom and I like very much the sports you play.’

‘We heard loud, terse voice and we trembled with fear, but he assured us that he would not harm anyone of us. One of our fiend asked, ‘he is making fool and would lift one by one, it is better we should ran away to our home. Another friend objected and said, ‘we should talk and check whether he is speaking correctly, after all one of our friend is in his capture.’

My friend enquired, ‘You are so big and we are so small. It would not be proper to play with us. Why don’t you go to man of your height?’

Troll said amicably, ‘I am not big, see I am here.’

‘We heard his voice but he vanished in somewhere. We ran around the park and saw an ugly looking boy was sitting alone on the bench. We were perturbed and series of thought ran into our mind. I said negatively, let me know first where my friend is than we will decide further to allow you to play or not. He pointed his finger towards a middle size tree and we ran out. There we saw our captured friend was busy in making mud house. She was laying her one hand on the turf and by another hand she was pouring over thick mud. After sometimes, she pulled her hand out and peeped into the hole to know if it was looking good house or not. She placed three dry leaves at roof and one leaning leaf at the front door. It was amazing mud house. She uses to brush up her mind whenever she is free. Meanwhile, Troll called up and we rushed to that place. It was small pond in between the chairs in the park. Red, brown, blue small fishes were chasing one another. We glanced around and made sure it was true pond. Somebody said us, troll can create or disappear anything he wishes.’

We saw our friend was busy in making his dream house. It was beautiful house and we saw she was bursting with ideas. I peeped in and saw a vestibule inside, I quibbled, ‘How she made it’.

She laughed and replied, ‘Yes, I made this with help of magic. Troll helped me a lot and he taught me the art of magic’.

We all asked in same voice, ‘When, how, where???, ’

She only smiled and said nothing.

‘Can we offer these delicious items to troll, he would be happy to have these?’ Inquisitive Rani asked.

‘Yes, you can! But tell us first, how you would bring these delicious items in dream.’ Laughing Ananya questioned.

‘Do you like to see troll?’, asked Anushka.

‘NO, no…I mean I have already seen that in the game.’ Said Ananya.

Mother scolded and said we are going to finish our meal and you are irreparable talker. Concentrate on what you do.

‘Amma, he is amazing, alive and kicking.’ said Anushka.

She further added, ‘he promised to come back again and we have decided he would be our teammate’.

All right!

‘Honey! What a mess you have made on the table.’ Mother scolded.

‘Oh! No, how can I eat all these stuffs. My fingers are too short to help me, Papa is out. Who will feed me!  I will have to be hungry till my paper comes back. He is out for five days and it is very hard for me to eat so many things. I miss him badly ‘, disappointed Honey said.

‘Mummy, I use to come to top while eating because of Papa. I love him. Remember, when we were in race, he made me first.’

‘I will help you finish your meal. What you have to do is to chew and gulp faster whatever I put things in your mouth. It will take no more than five minutes to finish.’ Mother advised.

Hello, how are you? Ananya’s papa said in loud but soft voice on cell.

Here fine! And what about you all?

“Both children are fine here. Honey misses you, especially on dining table. She told her fingers are too little and is unable to pick up more. Once she said in amazing voice, ‘who will feed me!’ Mummy said.

‘Children need sympathy, warmth, love, support, enthusiasm and touch feeling. When we congratulate on doing good things that vibrates positive energy in the mind that induces anybody in right direction. Children have latent energy that needs to be directed in right direction. Their imagination, art of creation, playing amusing games, making playful things such as paper boat, bag, plane, umbrella, bed etc. are an art of creation and imagination. ‘Play and learn’ is new age theory of teaching. Mind is power house and there is no limit how far it will go, how much it will be creative and when &, how it will produce amazing things. This is the secret of creation, discovery ever we saw in the history.  Stephen Hawking was unable to walk, move and even speak but his mind was highly creative and imaginative and due to that he carved highly special space for himself in the history of mankind.’ Said Papa.

(Writer is a Journalist, soft skill trainer. arbind03@yahoo.com, M. 9424753979)

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