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June 2018

Watery groves-A poem by Rajababu

    WATERY GROVES-by Rajababu   Evian comes to life, The shelves are full of drops, People queue up, the elitisms aplenty, Thirst… or fashion.   In the dusty ravines up North, A woman hurls down a roped bucket, It… Continue Reading →

Brothers in grief-A poem by Rajababu

BROTHERS IN GRIEF   A cyclone ravages a city, terror grips the air, Strong passionate gusts of wind swirl the countryside, Unwiling people die stark, hungry deaths; Is it a spectacle for the elite to watch? Is it considered an… Continue Reading →

Confession Box-a poem by Rajababu

CONFESSION BOX   The sadists are at work, cutting up the crosses, The flesh and blood follow suit, what is happening? Bits and pieces of His suffering are ingrained In every convent going seed of the Indian psyche, Can these… Continue Reading →

5.16 Fast-A poem by Rajababu

5.16 FAST   The lift is crammed with sweaty people, People from all the offices, Some with perfume, some without, They nervously look at the lift number, Hoping and praying that the liftman wont stop for the other floors. They… Continue Reading →

SELF INDULGENCE   The coldness of the silent night awakens me from slumber, Adding insult to injury are the nocturnal insects of pain. I get up and huddle inside my blanket, groping around, My hands find the night lamp switch,… Continue Reading →

My lost Treasure

Strong accomplished I stand But part of me is broken for ever. This little girl is rummaging about For an angel who is lost forever. To be held tight in his arms Embrace his soul & loose thyself into calm…. Continue Reading →

The Farmer!

As we climbed his shoulder, We learn to see the height of the sky, It’s his finger that strengthen our feet, And we learnt the miracle being attached to the earth, Its father; the farmer of life, Secret watchman of… Continue Reading →


N.B…. I Have undergone massive goose bumps while writing this article and it has taken a lot of my courage to write and present it in the form of an ode to all the respected, loving fathers of the world…. Continue Reading →

Family – The intricacies within.

The other day I was talking to a friend over the phone, who used to be a loquacious and debonair person but this time she sounds opposite to what she used to be.  On enquiring the cause of her low… Continue Reading →

At The Altar

Sixty two year old Marc chanced upon a diary in tatters A few fragrant memories and some very familiar sealed letters… His room, darkened with his own dust, dirt and gloom, Filling every nook and corner, and hopelessly surrounded by… Continue Reading →

Paapa Mere Paapa

Paaapa Mere Paapa… Daaada u are my hero in many ways .. I remember the first time the first heal the first touch when u held my hands and I smiled to u… I remember the first time I felll… Continue Reading →

ATF : All Terrain Father

  ATF : All Terrain Father While the 32 year old Kovid was being applauded for turning a loss making company into a more profitable and successful one, he had these thoughts running in his mind. How have I been… Continue Reading →

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