ATF : All Terrain Father

ATF : All Terrain Father


ATF : All Terrain Father

While the 32 year old Kovid was being applauded for turning a loss making company into a more profitable and successful one, he had these thoughts running in his mind.

How have I been here?
Oh! Why are people appreciating me?
How could I become so tough and manage everything single handedly?

As a young boy , Kovid was  timid , fearful and sad. He became a loner inspite of being surrounded by friends and family members always. As a loner , he would think deeply and this would make him even sadder.

He was sad because his father was a tough person who never showed his emotions. He never expressed  love and  never appreciated anything in him.

His father demanded complete discipline but he would always fall short of it.  A good scolding was always round the corner.

Over a period of time, all these made Kovid a fearful person. And a timid one too as he was always short of his father’s expectations. Kovid would sometime put in extra efforts to gather his father’s attention and used to wait for his father’s appreciation. But all in vain, he received none. He was heart broken. He was sad because he would see his friends as well as other people around him very  happy and easy with life.

These fearfulness and sadness gradually built up into anger and over a period of time the anger turned into hatred.

He started hating his father from the core of his heart but he lacked courage to speak to him. He wanted to run away from everything .

He became a Rebel.

He left home at the first available opportunity and started wandering. He thought this is his freedom. But he realised not to be.

Whatever he did ,wherever he went, his  father’s words would always haunt him. Even in his freedom, he was bonded. His father’s words and image would haunt him everywhere.

He wanted to run away from himself. He wanted to just perish. After few years, he got tired of all these. He just wanted to rest. Rest from all these thoughts and words.

One day he just roared out everything. And as if the divine had decided that his right time has arrived, Kovid  experienced complete relaxation. His struggle with himself got over. Something just  went off from his mind. He became free.

As few weeks passed by , he was more relaxed than ever and was getting used to the new mindset.

Then it dawned to him.
He had become courageous and tough.
He had become exactly what his father wanted him to become.

He was no more a lamb. He became a LION .

He realized that in  all his turmoils, trials and tribulations, his father was always there, committed and rock solid.

Back in the drawing room, amidst all applauses, he could sense tears in his eyes which over flowed.

These were tears of gratefulness. For the first time in his life he felt like thanking his father from the bottom of his heart.

His father was an All Terrain Father.


Happy Father’s Day to All.





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Tanishq Dedhia
Aparna Posted on6:25 am - Jun 26, 2018

One definitely has to clear the cobwebs from our mind, overcome the inner muddle and then the world is yours to conquer!

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