Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita


The Bhargavat gita is an ancient Indian text that became an important work of Hindu tradition in terms of both literature and philosophy. The earliest translations of this work from Sanskrit into English were made around 1795 Ce by sir Charles Wilkens. The name Bhargava githa means “the song of the lord”. It is composed as a poem and it contains many key topics related to the Indian intellectual and spiritual tradition. Although it is normally edited as an independent text, the bhagavad gita became a section of massive Indian epic named “the Mahabharata”, the longest Indian epic. There is a part in the middle of this long text, consisting of 18 brief chapters and about 700 verses: this is this is the section known as the bhagavad gita. It is also referred to as the gita for short.


The bhagavad gita was written at some point between 400bc and 200ce. Like the Vedas and the Upanishads, the authorship of the bhagavad gita is unclear. Flowerer, the credit for this text is traditionally given to man named vyasa, who is more of a legend than an actual historical figure: because of this, vyasa has been compared to homer, the great figure of ancient Greek epic poetry.

The gita was written during a time of important social change in India, with kingdoms getting larger, increasing urbanization, more trade activity, and social conflict similar to what washeppening when Jainism and Buddhism developed. This ancient Indian text is about the search for serenity, calmness, and permanence in a world of rapid change and how to integrate spiritual value into ordinary life.


The gitarevolves around the following questions. How can someone live a life spiritually meaningful without withdrawing from society? What can someone who does not want to give up family and social obligations due to live the right way? The gita challenge the general consensus that only ascetics and monks can live a perfect spiritual life through renunciation and emphasises the value of an active spiritual life.



It tell to people moral guideline ,whenever dispute by friends or drought .this book, Not just after the life but life itself.

Let see Mahabharata as all of you known one of the great epic of India getha is a part of it. so the whole story centre on the Great War who’s between the cousin brother one side of pandavas and other side is kauravas. Only two character  we are going to conser today.

Are the pandava prince Arjuna who was a great archer in the world and his friend mentor Krishna who is designed character during the war.

Know the war is about to begin when our hero Arjun. Losses his his nerves. the sadden realization when he is about to destroy half of his closes family strick him like a tender board and sick with disperse .he raced down his harms and turn to his friend Krishna for guidance. the2 of them have conversation today as bagawath getha .Know during this conversation there is plenty of disagreement

The Krishna Argive Arjun Arjun Argive Krishna challenges question, though all of this neither of them is even of offensive

Which makes the githa a primer on the art of civilised debate one that should be essential reading for every one particularly .Indian television panellist know the getha during this conversation what they talk about

Essential it is Krishna telling Arjun why his stand up pickup fight .he is telling he does not do that he would be failing is a king, warrior, leader of men soon.

And this is a difficulty conversation for Krishna because he is his friend, he is very depressed but Krishna doesn’t pull is purchases. He not hesitate to call out Arjun weakness he doesn’t hesitate dismiss his excuse .he tried him for his nonwarrior activist .he away but he does all of his great compaction understanding and he stand patient.

Any skill can be master through practise. If you displace about to do they over over again the the skill became second nature part of missal meme rain habit. The githa says that even picking the right action and doing the right thing is a habit and we practice in child hood hard to brake that why the geetha is also the book for children. The essential compaction volume to growing up.

the geetha tells about the most important battle are those that not those we fight with other  but those that we fight with our self .the enemy kaurawa is not a person outside he is inside us he is our own drought and fear insecurity are our own irrelation loves and hates . sure we all are feel like family because  we lived here for so long, the trick is to identified them what they are and vanquish them footlessly the githa is there there for us treat us on the art of real war.

Why are the Indians we are blame it on the gita the gita tell us that, There is more root to nirvana and there is no one is superior then other perhaps, that is why Indian are so comfortable being surrounded by multiversity of Indian thought belief practise .the gita tells that the soul is bound the several life time before it come end of its journey perhaps, that’s Indian don’t play so high on punctuality.

Do you see contentment her is an act for that and you can find it in the gita so what is geetha says about contentment, how can you find it you must put everything on it to have in everything you do say getha but there is not bigger full within you .if you image that is just because you put your last effort the outcome will be something you desire understanding says the geetha that something. Within your control or effort but something more certainly don’t like the outcome there for focused on your effort let go of the outcome in other “world play to play don’t pay to win” if that doesn’t make the geetha killer app for conterment I don’t know what to does the universe says geetha the life give .

The universe give so many things for free the life giving sun rain earth we would be nothing more than common thief. If we don’t give back an equal measure show do you give back equal measure simply by doing your own duty well to the best of your ability simply by shouldering your own as parent, teachers, student, doctor with a smile and doing your every action with an attitude with a gratitude? Only if you do that Githa is an ancient cycle of given and taken by god and men keep in motion and only if that cycle kept in a motion .when the world not desert in to cost. If someone says geetha is a monography of free trade.

Know that is the wisdom of what the ideal man human being spouse to be. Like you should be idea person. According to the gita very single there is recipe. When you see the world as a really is then you have attain the state of the ideal human and what does that mean. It means you see a bit of yours self in everything around you and bit of everything around you in yourself it means you’re able to look behind. The difference on the outside. To the sameness on the inside. It means you’re able to say with conviction. That the entail world is my home and every creative in it is my family this make the githa ultimate. Equal right manifesto on that not an individual but government do well to adopt in our divine intolerant time.

It also give  you a diet plan for the life, tells you that kind of food you should eaten and those recommendation don’t differ very much from marden nutrition what kind of the food to eat the gita say you should eat food that as fresh which means fresh . Tender that say you should eat for that is nursing which means food that is arguable to the system.

If you want to find a job is true to your nature, first you have to know what the nature is says the gita be involved in things that is good to your nature so what kind of nature the gita say if you are the like to think deep thought within bland isolation may be you should do that kind of job. What would be that job today may be a scientist, a writer an artist it the heart and dust batter field exited you do that kind of job may be a lower, artist, politics .it the bobbin of market place exit you then could be do some think in that direction that could be stock broker, banker, merchant an, entriprunal and if your nature is so the kind that likes to be loge in the while the. Find the job that offer you luxury the gita is an aptitude test and currier glued.

Gita says lot of action one of the things is that every action as consequence and thus consequence will come bite your children you cont. expected for them there for choose your action think before you act gita. Therefore a mathematical complex endless by trusting movies trip called karma.

Know how do you know what is the right action is well the gita says no action intencially wrong right it is intent that makes seen so question your intend before your ask .Is my action prompted by own fear angry desire greed then don’t do I if not the just go head bad do it .

It the pendulum saving too far in one direction rest the change will come and pendulum will swing bright back in the opposite direction so gita tells don’t wary be happy.

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