Confession Box

Confession Box

Rajababu, poet



The sadists are at work, cutting up the crosses,

The flesh and blood follow suit, what is happening?

Bits and pieces of His suffering are ingrained

In every convent going seed of the Indian psyche,

Can these pieces now be offered back,

Can the Hindu psyche replace the Convent upbringing?

Is it not an excellent case for Res Judicata?

Both the sons carried out the missions of their fathers,

One accepted banishment from rights, the other from life.

What then, are we cutting up each other for?


The PM has a meeting with the Pope,

Two aged souls offering retribution for their young ones,

The young ones, who swear by the trident and unemployment.

Religion is said to be the opium of the masses, can it feed?


Confessing on Sunday is not an alibi

For sinning non-stop, the other days,

Do we have it in us to repair the damage?

Can we mend back the fragile porcelain?

The World enclave o fundamentalists would do well to

Keep their porcelain intact, without it,

There is precious little we can offer the world.


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