Deepening mist

Deepening mist

Deepening mist-A poem by Rajababu


     I take a walk on the lonely road,

     All around me, the mist is swirling itself sadly.

     Unlike me, it seems to know what it wants,

     If I knew the ugliness of the mist,

     I might have never stepped out on the road,

     But now it’s there, preparing to emacipate me,

     I know not where to run, what to do,

     I blindly hit out at the unseen enemy,

     Too late, for I can’t even see my own hand,

     The dampness firghtens me,

     the blindness weakens me,

     In horrified helplessness, I sit down all at once,

     And then it happens, there is no road below me,

     And down I go into the bottomless nadir of uncertainity,

     I prepare myself for the fall, which I fear,

     will numb my senses and hurt my psyche,

     I wonder why at all I ventured out into this,

     And now while falling,

     I realise that there’s no return from this point.

     The deepening mist has indeed taken its toll.

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