No more words to speak

Content is lethargic and the blessed is one who is willful hungry

Way too far and down the road of exemplary courage and wisdom

What is there is just there as is

Still, fine and differently void at night

When belief in demon is demolished with an articulate piece of sugar pie affirmation

Eyes may proclaim to see a different world

Unique and one of its kind

What gets redefined is unseen even to blazed sight

Tears roll down the ashed face

Seeking approval from a camouflaged world

No wonder the abuse gets dignified today

For vulnerable should be hidden

Amidst the gleaming glamorous lights with fabricated smiles,

Are you happy, yes says the deceptive hearts

To fit in the hamster cage of people living in pride

Delusional isn’t it?

Look around and tell me what isn’t

Welcome to this merryland

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself

Yearning for bonafide hearts to reside

It isn’t that easy to fly from caged souls trapped in fear of heights.

I am Summi Arora, working as Sr. QA Engineer with an IT company in Pune. I am also an Authorpreneur, freelance writer and event coordinator for mental health awareness project, Mojo MindsĀ  .
I love to cook food when I am not writing. I published my poetry book Revelations-Poems on Life in 2015. Also, co authored the second book Soul’s Sojourn alongwith 33 authors published in March 2018.
My affinity for nature makes me wake up every morning and adore the sunlight. I also call myself as an avid traveler as I love to explore places and connect with this life. This is just a small part of me. I love empowering people and I am also associated with Youtube channel Kalakaarzz and organization -Asha-Pachpan Me Bachpan.

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