Digital Addictions

Digital Addictions


Anything new we come across it’s human tendency to get excited about them. Western countries somehow could experience digital discoveries many years ahead. Developing countries including India getting exposure and affordability to digital world in past two decades.

At first every introduction will seem to have an awesome progress. As days goes by the impact of it reflects on our life. Now the fab of digital addictions has become as a strenuous task. This bug has no age bar or any other criteria which can exclude anyone in the modern age.

Life as a children few decades ago we could realise lots of differences in the way we grew up. These days children are getting exposure to various fields and too much chaos. We have landed in a position that we neither can avoid digital forces nor can we proceed far enough. 

Cyber safety is the first thing everyone need to share the fair knowledge to the children. Many frauds are taking place behind the scene. The face value looks like a paradise greenery all over. we hardly think about the intensity of the slow poisoning from the digital world. 

Children and probably educated people also, who has a little or no knowledge about the cybercrime may fall in soup. The dangerous game released in recent past called Blue Whale has taken many youngsters’ life. Until and unless few youngsters died of it, the world couldn’t get to know about the incidents happening. There are many psychos in the world who are unfortunately intelligent. Many outbursts of the mind and energy is been used by them. Common people are quite unaware of the facts happening behind the web.

Every school started using digital books and digital media for the studies. They are minting money in the developing countries by just adding word ‘International’ at the end of school name. We need to question ourselves why word International is attracting us so much. Without a second thought we are ready to spend any amount they demand. Our old system of writing with hand will give perfect grace to our brains. With that we would never forget the lessons written by us. With Digital replacement we are encouraging ourselves of being dumb.

Parents before giving an option to our children, it’s better that we learn first. Parental guidance for children is really important. Spend good amount of time with them to correct them as and when required when we allowing them to digital world. 

Money is the first and foremost thing people are giving importance to important is very sick. Today’s world doesn’t even think anything, all they want is just money. For that sake anything can be expected. 

By digitalisation work in banks or any corporate offices or in industries, Every job is getting done easily without much pressure digitally. At the end of the day we are looking the easiest part, forgetting about our securities. We are creating accounts in almost every website. though safety measures are taken by the managements, we as a lay man don’t know the depth of frauds happening around the world. we read in papers or listen in the news channels the very moment we know about the frauds. So try to be more alert while giving details to banks or any other financial purposes. 

Automation is good but people never thought about the job securities. If this continues down the line 20 years from now, in every field man power would be replaced with machines. The growing population will be in the same ratio or more. how it affects on people’s earnings is a big question mark. The inflations would be increasing at higher levels. Then man may end up in doing any kind of fraud for his living. This shows anything too much will lead to destruction. Machines producing is becoming a constant process and pollution accumulates indubitably. Think about the world after 25 years now. Put control on using machines as much as possible. Creating Awareness of this has to be the main criteria for many purposes. This may worsen the global warming. Already we are under the verge of lots of calamities due to global warming. It’s every individual’s duty to understand the severity of the issues which may occur due to our innocence. 

Limiting ourselves to the clues of damages is the best gift we are giving to our next generations. The luxuries are good but not to the extent of destroy. we are the reason to make our environment deteriorate with many of our actions. 

Digital addictions are so bad these days everyone holding some gadget in hand. The result of it no time for love and affections, radio active elements causing problems to our health conditions and environment too. 

Once upon a time people used maximum paper and one of the reason we are facing deforestation. An illegal activities went so deep that cutting trees has become most common and now it’s cyberspace. With unlimited number of apps satellites are being sent in sky for more and more web power. Get awareness and limit ourselves is the first thing we should do now before it’s very late. We should remind ourselves that we are playing with nature which may lead to lots of destructions in future. 

Small introduction to the challenges in the times of digital addictions, in short it’s affecting human life as a whole. Preserve healthy environments in every aspect is the most important thing we should do as a responsible citizen. It proves yet again too much is too bad!!! 

  • Roopa Rani Bussa



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Hitangxi Bhuta Posted on4:22 am - Jun 8, 2018

Great words roopa ?????

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