My Father gave me birth

My Father gave me birth

My father is unique among all. He loves me above all relationship in life. He can fight for me, he run with me, he play with me, he dance with me, he can cook yummy food for me…
He gave everything I want. He sacrifice his life, self respect, wishes for me. He is God to me. I am here just because of him. Over all he gave me birth twice… Surprised!!!
My father is my mother
She gave me birth once when I came to the world and second when she became
My only Father.

She scream so high
She irritated that high
She demand so high
Let her be with her high
She is lonely on high
She is only on high
She is fighter of all high
She is writer of her high
She is achiever of high
Because her love is high
She is single on high
No she is double on high
She is mother of high
She is father above all high


Hitangxi Bhuta

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