N.B…. I Have undergone massive goose bumps while writing this article and it has taken a lot of my courage to write and present it in the form of an ode to all the respected, loving fathers of the world.


The word itself reflects dominance and prominence. Normally in our human society, fathers are considered to be the family heads whose decisions are considered as the ultimate veto power and the general mindset is that the decisions majority of the times are devoid of emotions.

Living in an extended joint family, my father was the ultimate decision maker. At that point of time my young novice mind found my father a little harsh, irrational and a little insensitive. What my super sensitive mind was unable grasp was that many a time he had to adhere to strict principles and discipline for the smooth running of the entire household and at the same time not hurting anyone’s sentiments and emotions.

I was always an extraordinary intelligent child since childhood. I would always be in the top three rankers in my class and also excel in extra co-curricular activities. On the other hand my cousin living with us was a little average in studies and slightly less spectacular in height, facial features, skin, color and grace then me. My father during my entire childhood and growing years; according to my perception and own silly thoughts which constantly wreaked havoc in my mind, thought that he favored and sided her more than me. It constantly hammered in my mind that he was always partial towards my cousin and favored her and reprimanded me. Due to this weird feeling I started distancing myself emotionally from him. In bargain I became extremely close to my mom, which I still am as I always till date find her as my lifeline. What I was unable to catch was that my father wanted both the daughters of the house to be par excellence and not sideline any one of us. It was not that he didn’t want me to have an edge over others. On the contrary, he wanted me to do extremely well in life and unleash all my potential and inherent skills to rock it, but he also didn’t want my cousin to feel belittled, left out and unwanted.

For all fathers or father figures, I suppose their love for all their children is the same. Every father wants each one of his child to do amazingly well in life. In the eyes of a father rainbows are painted for every child of his. No one a little less or no one a little more in any area of life, ALL AT PAR. It took me years to  understand his unrequited love, support and admiration for me. Till this date I regret that I could not fathom the gleam of pride, happiness, joy and warmth in his eyes for me.

You know now when I am a mother of a 20 year old son, and when I look upon my husband, I feel that I have undergone ‘excruciating labor pain’ just once in a lifetime, but my husband as a father is under going through ‘labor pain’ every single day to make my son’s life extremely comfortable and see to it  that he is being fed with a diamond spoon.

Just alike my husband and father, I feel every father on this planet am sure are undergoing immense pain every single day so that they can fulfill every whims and fancies of their children and in bargain crushing their own dreams and desires. And God has given a superior edge of masculinity in each and every father, whereas they never emote their sacrifices, hurt, anger, crushed expectations, betrayed wisdom and respect and much much more in life.

During their roller coaster ride of life, they manage a complete balance of highs and lows without giving an inkling of their emotional or physical turmoil. Fathers are the most underestimated, undermined, undeterred silent bearers of the family. They are indeed in true words the ‘silent torch bearers’ of our lives. JUST GIVING AND GIVING AND GIVING WITHOUT EXPECTING.

There are times when many of us really want to go and hug and thank our fathers for giving us the most amazing beautiful lives we are living now, full of worthiness and value. But somehow we are hesitating and holding ourselves back. But is this hesitation and holding back worth it!

If NO, then today itself go and just give a simple small hug o your father and simply tell him:


Jigna Tanna
Jigna Tanna

Jigna Tanna is construction entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, change catalyst and performance strategist. With her strong back ground in behavioral sciences and using her skills as an entrepreneur, she is able to dissect the complex.

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Tanishq Dedhia
Aparna Posted on5:52 am - Jun 26, 2018

Loved his write up- often as kids we harbor a misunderstanding- which carries on into our adult life- its time we took cognitive action, burn the bridges and love our parents, as tey deserve to be.

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