#FathersDay each day. A note to all fathers!

#FathersDay each day. A note to all fathers!

#FathersDay each day. A note to all fathers!

What memories I have of my growing up years, my father was not less fearsome than my school principal. I couldn’t cite any similarities between them but I kept wondering what was it that made us strictly adhere to both of them? Both were icons and leaders in their respective ways!

Going through this grubwork with my niece, it dawned on me how breathtaking it is to make those little minds comprehend our good intentions behind our strict behavior, without losing respect and love in the bargain.That’s where you realize how difficult it was for them to command that respect and awe! How granting and forgoing these leaders were, than they seemed to be! How challenging was it to maintain the esteem and admiration without sacrificing the greater good in it!
How grounding it was to take that flight!
Fortunately there were lustrous green lush gardens both at home and school. Over some difference of opinion one day, I still remember an example my father gave of a blooming ‘dahlia’ flower. At the pinnacle of its blossom, the flower becomes so heavy that it is unable to take its own weight and droops down.
A caring gardener ties it up with a grounded stick giving it strength to flaunt and proclaim its beauty.The gardener and the flower both share the same ambition. But the flower doesn’t like it to loose it’s freedom while the gardener is cognizant and foresees the essential.
The gardener does what’s merited for the flower, at the cost of the dislike that may attract! 
That’s a father for us!!! 
Honest to the purpose, hard like a coconut and as caring as a gardener.Blessed to have a father like you dad!
Its a #HappyFathersDay each time this feeling returns.

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Tanishq Dedhia
Aparna Posted on6:08 am - Jun 26, 2018

Loved the analogy between fathers and gardeners, daughters and flowers.

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