He is always there…

He is always there…

He is always there…

When my friends ran towards the school van,

dirtying their shoes with sand,

I, like a princess would arrive, holding my father’s hand,

As the van moved and I used to wave my hand,

a smile would come on his face, oh so grand!

Back from school, tired and with everything hard to bear,

I knew to receive his little princess he was always there.


When the formulae of mathematics I could not understand,

He would sit with me and make it look, all easy and planned,

We would solve the problems together and relax with chips fried,

Since then I liked the numerical and have never shied,

He made math simple for me to bear,

I knew he would as he was always there.


When my hostel flooded, and dad was 800 km at distance,

He managed to reach me still; I can never forget that instance,

In my heart I knew not to worry and scare,

Why should I as he was always there.


Even now, when I come from work late at night,

I know he will wait, and receive my call with delight,

He feels relieved when I safely reach home,

Listens to my day and problems I have undergone,

He teaches me to be gentle and fair,

I know he is right as he is always there.


I may look away sometimes and may not share

but one thing you know about my dad now,

He is, and will always be there…

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Hitangxi Bhuta
Hitangxi Bhuta Posted on10:22 am - Jun 14, 2018

Yes very true he will be there for us. ??

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