Home to My House

Home to My House

Few words said
Few words expressed
Few words depressed
Few words are restless
All in one, a true package of emotions.
Yes I am talking about none other than my Super dad

Intelligence of Batman ,
Morality of Superman ,
Agility and durability of Captain America
Speed of Flash.
You know when these traits come altogether we’re definitely elaborating our dear dads. Who is no less actually more than a super hero.

A family is like a tree. Where we are the fruits, mom is the trunk and daddy is our roots. Stronger the roots sweeter becomes the fruits and long live the tree , uptight and upright

As a child ,
I always dreamt of a huge house with lots of luxury in it but now I have a changed perception. Now if I were to build a house
I’d have my dad’s arms as walls,
His eyes as the windows,
His smile as the front door,
His heart as the fireplace
And his soul as my light
In that house I’d place my faith knowing that I had finally found a home which will feel the same amount of security and safety I feel when I am around my dad

Few years back my father saved us from a bunch of goons making him a superhero

When I lost confidence on myself he still had faith on me just like the roots have up on the yellowing leaves

Once when I was angry with him over petty squabbles , he stood on his knees and proposed me in front of my friends making me realise that he’s the home to My House

Now you understand why the metaphors used here are so relatable.
Well I can keep on writing all day and night when the topic is Dad. But the irony is that words are a constraint.

            By Deena Kumar

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