My lost Treasure

Strong accomplished I stand
But part of me is broken for ever.
This little girl is rummaging about
For an angel who is lost forever.
To be held tight in his arms
Embrace his soul & loose thyself into calm.
Staring in absolute
Echoes of happiness wishing to unmute
Seeking peaceful proximity.
Fingers entwined, showing me path of fidelity
For serene integrity.
Seeking to enchant his essence
Showers of love enclaved with care
Striving for blissful glimpse
To mislay on shoulders of my super hero
My “Dad”.
Solace of whispering hues
I look for ….my lost treasure …my dad
I see him in divinity…
For my dad was one divine soul
Found rare in human race!

Neha Ankit Kadakia

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