Scintillating moments always with you dad

Scintillating moments always with you dad

‘Beautiful is the feeling of being your progeny … an amazing gift of god’.. were the words I always tell my dad.. such was his stature. 

Like every father, in the midst of all life’s challenges he showered all his love to his children. Today when I want to tell about him words seems less for me. 

God Bestowed a bliss to be a daughter of a noble gentleman. Everything he taught us in life is a worthwhile life’s lessons reminiscent as and when I experience them in my everyday life.. 

Being brought up in a small town in a conservative family,  our siblings all of us were given exposure to the world and build courage to flourish in all acts which is the glory of our life. He encouraged us and gave good exposure to the real world. 

Always enthusiastic about everything, my father has inculcated the deep curiosity to learn new things always. Never were we short of any thing and nurtured us with a special esteem more than we asked for. Lead an ecstatic childhood. 

My profound passion towards languages is an excellent embellishment embedded in me by my father. I profusely enjoy the legacy of writing from him. 

It’s fascinating to remember every step of the love and affections. The discipline of the soul is taught by the fervour envisaged man. I’m proud to say that I’m the daughter of the unblemished father. 

Life was going pretty well. One unfortunate day god took him away from us, from the world leaving us in despair. He had no idea that he would leave all of us and go. We lost our greatest pillar. Went in to the pool of solicitude. It’s really hard to accept the truth of what god imposed on us. 

Our role model, path shower of our life, greatest strength and courage,supporter of our thoughts, he taught us to be human. Today we are missing him in our every move. It’s really hard to digest the pain of loosing the pragmatic figure and pivoting power of our life. 

My father became mystery in an unfathomable world, extra mundane the creator’s peers,unbelievably he left us but the character he has given, lessons he taught, encouragement he has given, love and affections, skills he inculcated in us, exposures he has given, experiences he shared, eye opener stories he narrated from his life is a lifelong paradigms. The footsteps he left is the most illuminating ones for our future.

Love you and Miss you Appa are the words from my deepest soul which will never vanish. His Words worth is the courage all the time. 

Roopa Rani Bussa 



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Hitangxi Bhuta Posted on3:03 am - Jun 18, 2018

Very nicely written really some time we miss to say too much but he is not there to listen ???

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