Small tribute to a great man

For a man who was a language lover, he was pretty much parsimonious with words, spoken and written. For an orphan, he fiercely guarded his self-esteem. For an orphan again,he made it big and lived life to the hilt. Very early in our relationship, I realised, he lived by two enets,”Ask me not!” and “Touch me not!”.But I feigned ignorance and was my bubbly, demonstrative self with him. I walked out on him suddenly though. And he being a born winner, levelled the scores when he didn’t turn up for what would’ve been our swan song meeting, where I was to sing the Bhagavad Geeta for him and he, a piece on life itself for me.
His body felt like glacier, his cranium cracked like a clay pot, his hair burnt like hay, his bones,like bonfire twigs. Swear,I am not fabricating this, I felt a deep calm through the ‘fire ordeal’ at the crematorium, thanks to my master, who drilled this truth into me,”Every ‘body’ dies, but nobody(soul)dies!”
The man who sired me in this life gave me the freedom to follow my heart, never questioned me on my haunts or jaunts, my solo sojourns and graciously let me be a part of his last journey yesterday. His dictum is burnt into my system: Dive headlong into life and live out the highs and the sighs! I formed this piece mentally sitting at his feet for he’s the reason behind my lifelong romance with words.
Today, on Father’s Day, two years after he passed on, i relive his,”Never say die!” spirit, pun intended!
– Raadhaaki¤

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