Someone’s flying out

Someone’s flying out

SOMEONE’S FLYING OUT-A poem by Rajababu

Someone’s flying out tonight,

To a land of greater dreams,

Where excellence is better rewarded,

And intelligence is respected.


Out here, a few melancholy souls,

Aspire to do the same,

Only, they may never come around,

To make it happen.


By design, or by default,

Some do not have the right pulls,

Others do not have the right money,


Ambition is not enough to take you,

That far out to the Western land,

Crossing the seven seas is a great event,

Maybe it is a function of your destiny,

It was never going to be easy,

What with the competition and the salivation,

In terms of numbers,


Someone’s flying out tonight,

Maybe they will not return at all,

They would have made their future,

In a distant land of plenty,


I look at the star studded-sky

And wait for a miracle to happen.


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